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The Al-Zour Regasification Plant is part of the LNG Import Terminal being built 90km south of the capital Kuwait City.

An estimated $3bn investment is being used to fund the LNG project, which includes a regasification plant, 8 storage tanks, and marine facilities including 2 jetties and berthing facilities.

Construction of the project started in 2016 and is estimated to be comleted by 2020.

Once operational, the facility is expected to produce approximately 22 million metric tonnes of natural gas a year and will have a storage capacity of 1.8 million cubic meters of LNG.

The gas being processed by the facility will be used to feed power plants in Kuwait to ensure demand is being met and the project is expected to create jobs and boost the economy in Kuwait.

NES Global Talent are supporting the project by providing staff for the $1.39bn regasification plant.


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