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Aspen Oil Sands Project

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The Aspen Oil Sands project is a proposed in-situ steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sands project.

The use of solvent-assisted steam assisted gravity drainage (SA-SAGD) at the Aspen in-situ oil sands project will result in about a 25-percent reduction in GHG intensity through lower energy utilization, compared to traditional SAGD production, as well as reduced water requirements — while resulting in a 25-40 percent improvement in production yield.

Aspen will produce up to 150,000 barrels of bitumen a day, putting it among the company's largest oil sources. The output will be achieved with two phases.

Final investment decision was gained in November 2018, and construction began in Q4 2018. The first phase will build 75,000 bpd of capacity. This is a joint venture project with Imperial Oil.  


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