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ExxonMobil is expanding the 344,600 b/d refinery in Beaumont, Texas. The overall capacity could be increased to at least 500,000 b/d or as much as 850,000 b/d. The expansion would include a third crude distillation unit (CDU). 

This project will employ 1,400 construction workers and create 40 permanent jobs upon completion. If approved, construction could begin on Unit C in 2019 and completed in 2022.

The refinery is also undergoing smaller projects in the near term; replacement of four coking drums and two new coker drums, which will turn residual crude oil into petroleum coke. 

A new production unit at the polyethylene (PE) plant in Beaumont, Texas is also being constructed. The new unit will add approximately 650,000 tonnes per year of PE capacity to meet growing demand for the plastics used in food packaging.

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