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Fawley Refinery

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Situated at Fawley on Southampton Water, the refinery is the largest in the UK.    

The refinery at Fawley handles 22 million tonnes of crude oil a year and around 2,000 ship movements. Daily, around 270,000 barrels of crude oil is processed, providing 20 per cent of the UK’s refinery capacity.

With the refinery processing over 20 different crude oils a year, Fawley is not only the largest oil refinery in the UK but one of the most complex in Europe. The complex nature of operations requires skilled operators, engineers and planners to work collaboratively with cutting edge technology in order to meet the demands of an intensely competitive market. 

The switch from leaded to unleaded petrol and the increased demand for biofuels have presented the refinery with significant challenges in recent years that has lead to major investment in new units and upgrades to the existing refinery units.  

The refinery also supplies feedstock to the adjacent chemical plant. 


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