Thinkstock Photos 459094467 Neptun Deep Romania

Neptun Deep

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Thinkstock Photos 459094467 Neptun Deep Romania

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The Neptun Block Deepwater sector covers an area of approximately 7,500 square kilometres in water depths ranging from 100-1,700 meters.

Domino-1 exploration well encountered natural gas in the deep water sector of the Neptun Block. The Domino-1 well was located 170 kilometres offshore in water about 1,000 meters deep.

The Domino-2 well is located approximately 200 kilometers offshore and is being drilled from the Ocean Endeavor rig in a water depth of about 800 meters. 

Data collected during the drilling program will be used to assess the size and commercial viability of the gas field discovered by the Domino-1 exploration well in 2012.


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