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Tengiz Expansion

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Thinkstock Photos 481739300 Tenigz Expansion Project

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The Tengiz Third Generation Project is looking to explore and develop the super giant Tengiz oilfield in the Atyrau region which, when completed, will increase oil production from the current 24 million tonnes to 36 million tonnes per year, and create many jobs in the region.

The third-generation plant, part of the so-called Future Growth Project (FGP), will be among the most-technologically advanced in the world. Preliminary design has been completed, but detailed design work will be made in Atyrau, Almaty, Aktau, the U.K. and the U.S. Project infrastructure works are in process and construction is expected to be finished in 2019.

FGP is an expansion project to increase the total daily production to between 250,000 and 300,000 barrels. The project will include the construction of a crude stabilisation unit with a capacity of 12 million tonnes of oil a year, an oil gathering system, power generation facilities, and two sour gas compressors. It also envisions the drilling of 15-20 injections wells and 50 production wells. All sour gas removed during oil processing will be injected back into reservoirs. The project also provides for the construction of a gas processing unit and a sulphur forming unit.


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