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The second largest oilfield in the world and home to an expected 21 billion barrels of oil, the West Qurna field was discovered in 1973 and is geographically a structural extension of the Rumaila field, but was designated a separate field and a different asset for development.

West Qurna is split into 2 phases. Phase 1 has reserves of nearly 9 billion barrels of oil with contracts awarded in 2009 to develop the field.

Phase 2 has reserves of around 14 billion barrels and is expected the project’s total investment will come to $25bn in the full-scale implementation of the project.

Construction started in 2012 and first commercial oil was produced in March 2014. The current production rate stands at 450,000 bbl per day and in 2015 the field had achieved a total of 20 million tons of oil.


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