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Redbock - PROUD TO BE PART OF NES Fircroft

Redbock was acquired by NES Fircroft in June 2018. As one of the most respected staffing companies in the world, joining with them delivers proven capabilities and a global infrastructure to the Redbook offering, which enables us to offer additional resources and even more fantastic opportunities to both our customers and candidates.

Redbock, which comes from the word “Bedrock” (strong foundation), was started because the founders saw a need for expertise that could be quickly deployed to answer the challenges companies were facing in mission critical projects. There were opportunities for companies to increase revenue, create new efficiencies, and solve critical issues.

Redbock could help fill in the gap. As a result, they set-out to establish a consultancy that could examine, understand, respond to and resolve these gaps by providing a unique set of on-demand solutions defined to address the very challenges that their customers were facing.​

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We provide expert solutions to resource-challenged companies, and positively impact the lives of the consultants helping them

Maximize Opportunities

More often than not, projects that could increase revenue, create new efficiencies, or solve critical issues, stall or languish for lack of resources. That’s why Redbock harnesses the knowledge and prowess of our consultants to build project teams that take ideas from concept to completion.

Live Ethically

We maintain a fluid relationship with clients by governing under complete transparency. When making a crucial business decision that affects our constituents, we do our best to be objective and look out for the best interest of all parties. 

Spur Change

Redbock is a catalyst to unique and challenging project-based opportunities that are often underestimated, missed, or overlooked. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand their needs, and we stop at nothing to give their challenges a resolution.

Invest in People

An organization’s success is highly dependent upon the productivity and quality of its employees. We invest time and effort into hiring and deploying premier consultants to help clients meet peak demand and answer concerns. 

Assure Quality

We guarantee companies with an immediate and positive impact. We call this our Assurance Policy; proven processes that produce the best possible service and results. Our technology-driven systems enable our internal team the ability to respond at anytime to our consultants. So, even when we are “off the clock,” we do what it takes to get the job done—anytime, anywhere.

Meet the team

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma

    Managing Director

    I am responsible for business development, managing the fulfillment team, and overseeing day-to-day operations. I joined the company in July 2016, and have over 12 years of experience in the consulting industry. I have a Bachelors in Business from University of Delhi, a MBA from Chapman University, and a Professional Certificate in International Business Management from the National University of Ireland, Dublin. When I'm not in the office, I like to be on the golf course or traveling the world.

  • David Hnatek

    David Hnatek

    I am the Founding Partner of Redbock. With over 20 years of experience in the consulting space, I provide immense industry knowledge and insight. My driving force comes from growth; I am energized by participating in the process of advancement for both individuals and businesses, enabling positive impact in their field. While operating as the face of Redbock, I also develop strategic vision and direction for the company, as well as finding new markets to expand into. Prior to Redbock I co-founded the consultancy Assent, which was acquired in 2007 by Cross Country Healthcare.I have a B.A. in Communications from Santa Clara University. When I'm not in the office I spend time with family and I'm active in my church. 

  • Robert Adzich

    Robert Adzich

    I am the Chief Financial Officer at Redbock. With over 20 years of experience in the consulting solutions industry, I have been with Redbock since its inception in 2010. While my position focuses on financials, I have been involved in all roles of a consultancy including sales, operations and recruiting. This experience comes from my time with Assent, which I co-founded with David, creating a market-leading firm from the ground-up. My passion is driven by helping individuals find new, profitable opportunities and empowering companies to achieve breakthroughs in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech world.I have a B.S. from University of California Berkeley in Resource Economics and a minor in Business Administration. When I'm not working to create operational efficiency at Redbock, I enjoy watching my children compete in sports. 

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  • ContiNgent


    Provide best-in-class resources on an individual basis in response to our clients unforeseen or short term business challenges.

  • In-sourced project teAms

    Deploy dedicated teams for specific projects and for a specific period of time. These teams can be across functions and are structured based on the clients’ requirements for specific skill sets.

  • FSP (Functional Services Provision)

    Turn-key solution for critical projects. We provide the management and expertise for an entire business function while the client can still maintain
    control of the deliverables. The functional teams can be on-site, off-site or at a Redbock location.


Our quality consultants develop and implement internal processes to ensure that your company’s systems are running seamlessly. They write and execute Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and perform Batch Record Reviews; develop and implement Quality Systems; plan and resolve Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs); evaluate and execute Quality Control. 


Our engineering team consists of software engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers — responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying products, systems, applications, and equipment. The consultants on this team also have expertise validating equipment, processes, software, and cleaning systems.


Our regulatory and compliance consultants conduct GMP/GCP Auditing, perform 483 Observations and Remediation, provide Consent Decree Resolution, and coordinate Regulatory Filings (IND, NDA, 510k, and PMA). The team also manages complaint handling and medical device reporting.


​We work alongside FDA regulated companies that are researching and developing new products and providing them with the expertise needed to get their drugs, biologics or devices to market. Our solutions cover strategic areas which include: Clinical Research, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, Data Management, Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety and Regulatory Affairs.

Case studies


Client: A $15B medical device manufacturer and supplier of cardiovascular health products

Issue: Under a Consent Decree related to improvements needed in their Quality System and Medical Device Reporting

Redbock Solution:

  • Deployed a team with specialized skill sets: Project Managers, CAPA Engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Process & Production Control Engineers, Computer System Validation Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Training Specialists

  • The client received notice from the FDA that it had successfully completed its work plan. As a result, all shipping restrictions imposed as a term of the 2011 Consent Decree were lifted

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Client: A $25B medical device manufacturer and supplier of dental restorative health products

Issue: Received warning letters related to improvements needed in their manufacturing process

Redbock Solution:

  • Deployed a team with specialized skill sets: Quality Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, CAPA Engineers, Supplier Quality Engineers and R&D Engineers

  • The project is still on-going with gaps and inefficiencies in their process being identified and rectified


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