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Read how we've supported a 12 story complex fit-out project and a construction team across Oman.

Construction Case Studies

Complex fit-out project

The project was a 12 story; highly complex fit-out which will accommodate a minimum of 1,000 staff members. 

Our client's challenge

Our client had a requirement to have one HSE Officer / Hazard Spotter per 25 contractors on site. This project included an extremely tight turnaround time and also a split shift roster (day and afternoon).

Our solution

NES worked exclusively with our client to on-board 12 Hazard Spotters to work on contract placements to support them within their Health and Safety Team. The agreement between us involved a screening process of all potential candidates which involved a face to face meeting, reference and qualification checks and then finally an onsite interview with the client. As part of our ongoing contractor care, NES frequently visited the workers on site and checked in with calls throughout the candidates’ placements.

The outcome

As per the clients requirements we were able to onboard 12 candidates in the desired timeframe. A factor in our successful delivery was our ability to conduct pre-employment screening and due diligence of all candidates supplied.

Our success in the project has led to NES being a preferred recruitment partner for the Construction client and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Building a Construction team

Our client's challenge

Our client was looking to build an engineering and construction team to be split across Muscat and Oman.

They unfortunately ran into difficulties with their chosen partner in Oman which meant they were unable to generate the labour clearance that was necessary for them to build their engineering and construction teams. 

The client required mobilisation and recruitment assistance for staff members from a number of their global offices as well as recruitment and mobilisation support for specific project hires. Speed and efficiency were required as well as the relevant knowledge to secure the visas and work permits, in the quantity needed, in the short timescales specified. There was also a “wage protection system” to consider - meaning that all workers pay should be processed in Oman, whilst being mindful of commitments for these personnel in their home countries such as 401k of pension commitments.

Our solution

NES developed a 60/40 split payroll capability for Seconded Staff so that they could keep up any home commitments such as pensions. We compliantly mobilised 30+ seconded staff from offices in the following locations; Canada, USA, UK and Ireland and mobilised 30+ Direct Project hires into Oman taking full ownership of payroll, work permits and visas. We also assisted with the recruitment of Nationals to build the client's Omani content, so they can produce their own visas in the future.

The outcome

• Blended supply of 60 personnel in a timely and cost effective manner

• Now number one supplier in country

• NES are continuing to recruit a further 50 personnel in 2016

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