Case Study - Solar

Sourcing niche solar skillsets in Taiwan

Our client manages and invests in solar photovoltaic projects in Taiwan

Our client was launching a new project in a remote location in Taiwan, and needed several new hires to ensure the project went ahead as planned.

The roles required were:

  • QAQC (Quality Advisor Quality Control)
  • Document Controller
  • Contract Engineer
  • Construction Site Manager

The location meant that near-by talent was scarce, and therefore candidates would likely need to move into the area. The client had previously sought the help from several agencies to fill the vacancies, but after a few months it became apparent that the agencies were unable to both find the right talent and provide a compliant payroll solution.

Working with agencies also meant that our client had an unclear cost projection for the recruitment exercise, preventing them from planning effectively. Our reputation precedes us and subsequently, after no luck with the agencies and hearing about our 100% compliance record, our large talent database and in-country presence, the client contacted NES Fircroft for our support.

Our recruitment solution

Our prestigious reputation and demonstrable experience across the Renewable Energy industry in Asia meant that the client gave us an exclusive agreement. Our knowledge of delivering regional solar projects in particular enabled us to quickly source and qualify local candidates.

Within just two weeks of first instruction we:

  • Short-listed 5 candidates per role and pre-screened them
  • Provided video interviewing solutions to ensure the interviews could go ahead smoothly despite the conditions caused by the global pandemic
  • Performed all required reference checks

We were able to complete hiring in a matter of weeks, preventing project delays and drastically cutting the client’s time to hire.

The calibre of our short-listed candidates was so high that the client made all placement offers with ease.

We ensured that the candidates’ relocations went ahead smoothly by arranging their accommodation and all other aspects of their assignment support, including all necessary paperwork and logistics.

We also provided a compliant in-country payroll solution.

Through working exclusively with us, our client had a fixed cost that allowed them to have visibility over their spending rather than experiencing the escalating and unclear costs associated with working with varying agencies.

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