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NES Fircroft will find the leaders your Board needs to continue business innovation

The right leader can dramatically alter your company’s growth and future innovation. A company’s culture is largely driven from the top down; hiring a new, critical member of your C-Suite therefore is a pivotal and potentially risky time.

Leaders must possess agility, courage and the tenacity to address complex management challenges that prevent companies from moving forward, whilst keeping stakeholders onside with shared corporate vision and values. 

In addition, the nature of Board and CEO leadership must continue to evolve alongside the dynamic nature of governance and the energy and scientific industries. We understand that it’s not enough to identify someone with the right experience on paper alone, and that the vision, aptitude, and compatibility of a leader with an established organisation is something which is highly complex and not to be taken lightly.

NES Fircroft will find the leaders your Board needs to continue business innovation

Our Executive Search arm is a specialist function within an already successfully established global corporation, spanning 80+ offices in 45 countries. You can rest assured that our candidate reach and talent pooling ability at Board-level is second to none.

Access Executive Search Services
Executive Search Services

We’ll find C-Suite personnel with shared responsibility and purpose

We approach the search with the upmost of integrity and maintain confidentially throughout the process, managing the campaign in a sensitive fashion to ensure client and candidate confidence.

We conduct extensive market research utilising comprehensive reporting, analytics, and a blend of our exclusive database and global market reach to identify qualified candidates and mine the passive market.

We work to a 3-stage fee structure which we agree with you upfront before working through our defined, tried, and tested phases of the recruitment drive.

Types of businesses supported

Executive Search Services


Our Executive Search services deliver a targeted approach that secures the topmost professionals required by your business. 

We secure the best skillsets in the industry for company-critical positions, applying extensive candidate research to profile the leader’s past, present and prospects to enhance your business trajectory and help you to achieve your corporate ambitions. This not only involves a deep dive into technical competencies and tangible achievements, but also their personal drivers and values to assess the cultural impact and influence they bring.

Our relationship-based approach enables us to execute a search with speed and precision, through a framework that ensures that we holistically assess key aspects of individual leader

industry experience

The leader's past experience

We look in-depth at their technical knowledge and skills, in the industry and regions in which they acquired them. We’ll also look at their educational background and the scale of the operations they have led.

market expertise

The leader's current remit

This involves looking at the most critical competencies the leader must display to thrive in the new role, including how they will challenge and shape the environment, inspire and influence their new team, and drive the business forward.

future hiring potential

The leader's future potential

We score the leader against their agility, resilience and innovation potential to truly understand how they would assimilate into the existing infrastructure and cultivate constructive change.

Our Executive Search service will secure your succession planning and help you to achieve diversity targets

The demand for diverse, quickly available Board talent is extremely high. NES Fircroft will help you to create a future-focused Board set-up which will navigate and complement the challenges you face, creating a powerful strategic asset for your business. As an established workforce solutions provider with over 50 years of global experience, we have access to an inclusive network of talent that will enhance your company and build a sustainable retention framework to attract the right leaders.

ESG Initiatives

Internal & External Influences

The C-suites we have supported are facing growing disruption and responsibilities from both macro and micro factors, including shareholder pressure, digital transformation and ESG mandates.

Board-level Recruitment

Ageing talent pools

The need for Board-level talent is on the rise as many of the previous generations of C-suite leaders approach retirement, coupled with the increase in demand of independent director hires from the private market.

Diverse Recruitment

Improving Diversity

As a global organisation, diversity is at the heart of what we do. We believe that diversity broadens and enhances the boardroom and leadership teams' perspectives. The focus must remain on creating a dynamic and transparent boardroom that encourages diversity of thought, talent, and teams, to help organisations lead with purpose, wielding the power of varied perspectives and a collaborative approach.

We’ll open the doors to overseas C-suite level personnel

The leaders you need might not be on your doorstep, especially in emerging energy markets which are yet to be adopted by the mainstream. You may be developing burgeoning industries which historically have concentrated talent pools elsewhere.

With our international set-up, if you trust us as your Executive Search partner, we will mitigate your cross-border challenges and scour the global landscape to ensure we connect you with the experienced senior management and expertise you need to make a positive difference to your business.

Global mobility and moving people to where they need to be for work is one of our specialties. Through registered entities and local presence, we can sponsor senior leaders and assist the relocation process, managing all aspects of their compliance.

Jurisdiction and exact legislative requirements vary greatly, but when working with NES Fircroft you can rest assured you will be working with a truly international recruitment partner with first-hand experience of staying compliant in every corner of the planet.

We help our clients change the world for better

Our Executive Search service ensures you keep pace and innovate for the future. Whilst our foundations are rooted in Oil & Gas, we have vastly diversified our client portfolio to embody all facets of the energy market – from power transmission to offshore wind and electric vehicles. We are passionate about helping our clients to build a greener, cleaner future, and will enable them to do so by connecting them with leaders to disrupt the energy market in all the right ways. We are also proud to have diversified into the Life Science market and endeavour to enhance the progression of global healthcare through connecting businesses to top scientific professionals.

Executive Search Services

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