Compliant Payroll Services Through NES Fircroft

Our streamlined payroll service is award-winning and can help businesses to engage personnel in areas where they do not have a physical office

Our payroll services adhere to local legislations to support contractors on the move

NES Fircroft’s payroll function provides outstanding and compliant payroll services to an internationally mobile contractor workforce consisting of over 25,000 people, working in more than 70 countries. Our internal payroll team is made up of over 100 finance professionals working with more than 30 currencies across the globe.

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Our payroll teams are structured on a regional basis which means the payroll staff have the in-depth knowledge of specific payroll and tax compliance requirements for each country, along with the appropriate cultural awareness that is necessary to be effective in our different areas of operation.

Our payroll function is responsible for

• Monthly, bi-monthly and weekly payroll for over 25,000 contract employees

• Online timesheet and expense management

• Monthly management and information reporting

We streamline your payroll process and assure to pay every single contractor accurately and on time, every time, in the required currency

Our payroll service is comprehensive and complements your contractor management strategy 

Our team not only process the payroll for thousands of contractors, they also provide tax calculations, visa applications and manage travel arrangements for our contractor employees. Our multi-talented team play a crucial role in improving your overall company performance in an extremely competitive and fast-paced market. We endeavour to make the process as easy and user friendly as possible for all of your personnel, which includes giving them a point of contact at NES Fircroft in case of any issues.

We can seamlessly transition contractors across to our payroll 

We work with businesses who have lost confidence in their workforce suppliers / recruitment partners, those who seek to streamline their vendors, and those who need to undertake a workforce audit and bring consistency to their contractor management. No challenge is too big – we have helped some of the world’s largest energy companies with change management and through maintaining a transparent, effective process have protected contractor retention levels throughout the transition.

Our payroll team can pay your contractors in countries where you do not have a physical office

Through our vast office network and commitment to compliance, we are able to payroll your contract workforce, even if you do not have an in-country office or entity. It’s time-consuming and expensive to set up a local operation – with our Employer of Record services you can forego this headache and let NES Fircroft do the hard work for you.

Employer of Record Services

We use the best payroll technologies in the market and invest in our financial systems 

We have invested heavily in integrated best in class technology and the people that use it to ensure that the business has a robust, controlled environment which delivers compliant processes, ease of communication and comprehensive reporting across the globe, ensuring our clients never miss a payment.

Our systems facilitate the effective and controlled sharing of information between countries and business functions. We capture a huge amount of sensitive data and the nature of our operations means a significant number of employees are paid from one location, with the client invoiced from another location. You can choose how much or how little you would like us to project manage payroll administration - we can even integrate our software with your specific online purchase system enabling you to better manage your finances.

With our support you will access an award-winning and industry-accredited payroll service: 

In recognition of our seamless payroll delivery, we initially received the Payroll Quality Partnership accreditation in 2012 and are proud to have had it renewed every year since. This has been supplemented with the Payroll Assurance Scheme accreditation, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to payroll excellence.

Our payroll teams have been recognised at the Global Payroll Awards and by the CIPP – winning International Payroll Provider of the Year twice. We continually review the guidance and best practice tips from the CIPP and these have been built into our employee on-boarding procedures applied by payroll. We also achieved certification to the international standard BS EN ISO9001 in 1994 and have continuously achieved re-certification following regular review and continual assessment.

Our finance teams receive outstanding induction and training

The investment we have placed in our thorough finance induction and training processes ensures that wherever in the world our customers are located they can access the same high standard of compliant, efficient payroll services. We have a transparent payroll process and have adopted a common reporting structure in each region that can easily be understood and applied. We have payroll administration staff and payroll managers in each of our global centres of excellence and they operate under the supervision of a regional finance director.

Our global finance team remains in close communication with all relevant parties

Our payroll team services businesses ranging from large corporations to self-employed contractors across the world, - this involves overcoming language barriers, tax complexities and cultural differences. They not only manage these challenges, but also receive outstanding feedback from all sides, through ensuring there is regular two-way communication from the start of every new relationship:

  • Contractor starter packs are sent out to every new employee detailing the respective compliance duties of each party; instructions on timesheet and expense submission documents, payroll calendars and all necessary contact information.
  • Administration executives actively follow timesheet submission statistics with reminder emails and follow-up calls being made to ensure the timely submission of documents.
  • The payroll department remit all payments according to the agreed payroll calendar. Accompanying remittance advices are provided to contractors.
  • Every contractor has a regional contact they can email or call in the event of any issue or query, and all hiring managers have an assigned Account Manager who would deal with any escalated queries.

Our Contractor Timesheet and Payroll App

Our Contractor App - NESF Time – is available for Android and Apple Devices. It allows candidates to easily submit their time and receipts from wherever they are in the world via a mobile device.

The app has streamlined and automated our processes, eliminated the need for paper and this electronic interaction also offers an audit trail which improves security and reduces the risk of fraud.

  • The contractor gets a customised view tailored to them and enables them to submit their time without printing out timesheets. Clients can then approve their time with just one swipe.
  • If clients choose to, they can also drill down into the record for further information on the app itself.
  • Contractors can also submit their expenses via the app, by taking pictures of their receipts on their phones and uploading them in just a few clicks.
Payroll and Timesheet app

Contractors who are instructed to do so can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

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