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Our ability to pair businesses with like-minded professionals means the placements we make are sustainable

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NES Fircroft recognises that Regulatory Affairs functions are critical to ensuring safe products are delivered to market and are therefore paramount to the success of your business. 

With investment in the space continuing to increase, the available qualified talent pool is becoming increasingly elusive.

We will deliver the right personnel to ensure that your Regulatory Affairs team will get your therapy to market and keep it there, whilst drastically expanding patient access and sales pipelines.

Market expertise

We understand that the regulatory affairs market is highly complex, facing numerous contrasting geographical landscapes both internally and externally of your operation.

The experts we source will help you to navigate contrasting legislations regarding manufacturing, export laws and advertising restrictions to ensure that your product thrives.

global recruitment

We place professionals with diligent focus on the discovery, testing, manufacturing and marketing of your therapies, including those with experience in:

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
  • (CMC)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Post Approval & Maintenance
  • Regulatory Affairs Management
  • Submissions

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Regulatory Affairs Candidates

Our understanding of the Regulatory Affairs market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

Our talent networks keep track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which a company wishes to distribute its products, and will advise on legal / scientific restraints and requirements to ensure that your operations remain compliant and safe.

We will secure professionals with experience in collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data to make informed decisions about your business.

We have access to highly professional staff with experience in providing strategic and technical advice at the highest level in their companies, to make an important contribution both commercially and scientifically to the success of your development programme.

The professionals we place are well versed in presenting registration documents to regulatory agencies and will carry out subsequent negotiations to obtain or maintain marketing authorisation for the products concerned, in addition to maintaining good document housekeeping to avoid any problems associated with badly kept records or poor presentation of data.

Our specialist talent will work in harmony with Marketing and Sales to develop effective product marketing concepts and facilitate appropriate packaging and advertising before commercial use.

Case Study

Case Study

Signing onto a PSL through proven volume delivery

Our client is a Clinical Research Organisation specialising in Regulatory Affairs projects. Headquartered in the USA, they have further operations across Europe.

The client sought to hire a:

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager (contract basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Recruitment boost: Our client was anticipating a large upcoming recruitment drive for up to 10 experienced Regulatory Affairs professionals in order to support a large pharmaceuticals business.

The need for speed: The client’s preferred supplier list was failing to onboard candidates in the required timeframe or failing to deliver any candidates at all, evidencing the difficult market.

Increasing talent pools: The need to engage talent in the European marketplace was logistically challenging given that their operations are primarily in America.

We understand exactly how to attract the best Regulatory Affairs candidates in the business
  • Confidential headhunting exercise
  • IR35 assessments for UK-based candidates to ascertain their individual compliance requirements
  • Detailed and methodical reference checking
  • Continuous communication for real-time client updates
  • Thoroughly prepared the candidates for their interviews
  • Enlisted the support of our award-winning finance teams to manage the contractors’ payroll and to ensure compliance with the relevant authorities

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Speedy Hiring

Fill Rate

After just 4 weeks of engaging NES Fircroft we sent 3 applicants for interview and the client hired the first candidate they spoke with. To date, we have a 100% fill rate.

Award-winning service

Success Rate

Our success meant that the client reduced their PSL down from 4 agencies, to just 3 – one of which is now NES Fircroft.

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