NES Fircroft is proud to support over 25,000 temporary personnel on contracts across the planet. We’ve helped them to find a job to suit their career goals, placing them onto the world’s most technologically advanced projects.

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NES Fircroft has been operational in Asia since 1995; our established 20+ office network stretches across the entire continent.

Our offices are staffed by experienced local consultants who develop local databases, relationships and networks. This regional strategy ensures that we are experts in our local market, our local talent pools, and develop a true understanding of local culture and practices for full compliance in our operations.

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With an Australian Labour Agreement in place, we can supply overseas personnel on a full legal and compliant contract basis.

With offices across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, we are dedicated to providing employment opportunities for Indigenous talent and our in-house support teams to manage all contractor logistics – from coordinating visas, work permits, medicals and travel arrangements, to providing in-country payroll solutions.