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We look after contractors’ welfare, including travel, insurance, visa / work permit requirements and orchestrate compliant payroll for peace of mind.

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Our assignment support services deliver peace of mind for contractors and businesses alike 

We facilitate seamless mobilisations

Getting staff to an energy project in a remote location can be challenging and legally complex, especially when dealing with an expatriate workforce containing many different nationalities. For contractors, the prospect of travelling to an unfamiliar and sometimes turbulent location can be daunting, and the risk of culture shock very real.

In addition to our recruitment expertise, NES Fircroft offers industry-leading contractor mobility support services, comprehensive insurances, and manages contractor payroll needs to ensure they are supported at every phase of a project.

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Assignment Support Services
We support contractors throughout their assignments, making life easier all round

We cut out the middle person, taking care of all contractors’ logistical needs to ensure that new starters are comfortable and ready to start on the agreed date.

Through looking after contract workforces, we take away logistical headaches which allow hiring managers to focus on their business, and contractors to feel assured. Whether you are a contractor looking for work, or a business looking for contract staff, our regional teams are based in your time zone, communicate in the local language and develop a true understanding of local culture and practices.

Securing your next placement or contract workforce through NES Fircroft means we’ll manage...

Full support is provided to contractors throughout visa/work permit application processes, and all travel logistics are organised throughout the duration of assignments.

Our visa team will help with the paperwork, making the process of applying for and obtaining visas run smoothly. Whether travelling between projects, countries or transitioning offshore, our travel services team are experienced at arranging even the most complicated journeys. We will book flights and arrange local transportation on contractors’ behalf, getting them to their new destination on time and within budget.

We have strong working relationships with foreign embassies around the world, giving us the contacts, resources and know-how to ensure contractors will be ready to work whenever they are needed.

Our global finance teams ensure that contractors are paid in the local currency. As a testament to our exceptional service, we’ve been continually re-accredited by the prestigious Payroll Quality Partnership since 2012.

Read more about our award-winning payroll services here. We even have a timesheet app so that contractors and managers can approve/upload timesheets on the go, reducing the administration risks associated with a manual process.

Payroll Services

Through our dedicated legal and commercial function, we comply with international legislation and know which tax your contractors need to pay, when and where, in addition to understanding which insurances are best suited to each context – whether that’s the project’s location or the contractor’s individual circumstances.

With our support, companies and new hires do not need to worry about complicated paperwork, we make the process simple. Read more about our commitment to compliance here.

Compliance Services

We support with home search and both short / long term accommodation, including facilitating tenancy property management to ensure new hires settle into their new environment.

If you are a contractor we will find short term accommodation for you when you arrive at your new destination. We have agreements in place with hotels and landlords at project sites, so we negotiate the best deals. Long term, we can take contractors to view properties and assist in obtaining cost effective leases with local landlords.

Our unrivalled contractor support offering is designed to ensure that new hires will hit the ground running.

Our local teams will help contractors to settle into new locations on a practical level, from meeting them at the airport on arrival and helping them with the language, to advising about appropriate schooling, supporting registrations with local doctors and recommending leisure activities.

When a contract assignment comes to an end, our recruitment team will look to find the contractor their next job, whether that requires a trip overseas once more or returning to their home country.

Many of our contractors have worked for clients through us for decades, in several locations around the world.

With NES Fircroft, a contractor can have a career for life – meaning businesses can reap the benefits of this worker loyalty.

We will orchestrate all insurance needs associated with your contractor workforce – from public liability to medical insurances

Contractor Care

Should the worst happen, we have processes in place designed to keep personnel safe through third party industry-leading security advisors and evacuation procedures. We create situation-specific contingency plans to set out the planned response to an emergency incident including how we would interface with our clients’ first response and crisis management teams.

  • The health of our candidates is of paramount importance to us. When on assignment with us, contractors are covered by industry-leading medical insurances to ensure that medical needs are met, both routine and emergency. In medical emergencies, we will arrange repatriation of the casualty and on-going medical treatment.
  • Whilst rare, in threatening scenarios, we keep contractors informed in real-time and offer practical advice designed to keep them safe.
  • Rarer still, in circumstances that require evacuation, we use our advanced travel tracking system to identify the contractors’ recent movements and use our travel team to arrange transport

24/7 Contractor Security

International engineering and technical jobs can be based in challenging environments, which can cause worry for businesses, contractors and their families alike. Contractor safety is crucial. Our global presence means that we are never far from the contractors we support - in emergency situations we have partners on the ground to assist.

To ensure we fully understand the implications of the project site location, we attend the same safety training as contractors, partaking in hostile environmental awareness training and crisis management scenarios.

We have a partnership with Control Risks, a leading independent global risk consultancy with a network of government, police, banking, media and law specialists across all continents.

Control Risks provide real-time information and response teams who will rapidly remove contractors from dangerous situations.Their multi-lingual helpline is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contractors can call them for

  • Travel advice
  • Pre-mobilisation advice
  • Any security concerns you may have
  • Advice on “areas to avoid”

Helpline Number: +44 (0) 20 7939 8674

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