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NES Fircroft sources highly skilled engineers and technicians to enhance manufacturing operations

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The manufacturing space has been significantly disrupted over the last ten years, driven by technological innovation and development, changes to product portfolios, the growth of biologics and continual GMP evolution. 

There has been a profound effect on the eligibility of manufacturing and technical operations talent pools and clients’ hiring needs.

NES Fircroft’s Life Science consultants are well placed to find talent that will embrace technological innovation and the complex manufacturing processes derived from this. The professionals we source will nurture GMP environments to ensure your safety and compliance levels are kept to the highest possible standards across your diversifying product portfolios. 

Market expertise

The higher complexity within the biologics production process invariably demands a more complex construction project, requiring greater manpower to execute the scope. This has resulted in a number of large scale European site builds significantly draining the available candidate pool - through our established international office network we will help you to mitigate this challenge and get personnel to site.

Our expertise means we keep up to date with competing projects, understand our clients’ employee value propositions, and are able to offer consultancy regarding how to position projects and vacancies to compete for the best talent.

global recruitment

We will source qualified professionals to enhance your manufacturing operation, including personnel with experience in:

  • Automation and Computer Systems Validation (CSV)
  • Calibration
  • Construction Management / Scheduling
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operating Specialists, Operational Qualification
  • Process Engineering & Qualification
  • Procurement
  • Project Management, Manufacturing Supervisors & Shift Team Leaders
  • Quality

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Manufacturing & Tech Ops Candidates

Our understanding of the Manufacturing & Tech Ops market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

Our talent networks keep track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which a company wishes to distribute its products, and will advise on legal / scientific restraints and requirements to ensure that your operations remain compliant and safe.

We will secure professionals with experience in collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data to make informed decisions about your business.

We have access to highly professional staff with experience in providing strategic and technical advice at the highest level in their companies, to make an important contribution to the efficiency of your development programme.

We have access to highly professional staff with accomplished skillsets in Automation & CSV, Calibration, Construction Management, Project Management and Quality. In a very competitive market for the best personnel, we organise our talent pools to reflect niche areas and the general competencies each candidate represents, which enables us to reach them much more quickly.

The professionals we place are well versed in communicating processes to all stakeholders and will document and present all required details to obtain or maintain production authorisation for the products concerned, in addition to practising good document housekeeping to avoid any problems associated with badly kept records or poor presentation of data.

Case Study

Case Study

Sourcing business-critical personnel - Biomanufacturing

Our client: Germany-based CDMO developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals from DNA to commercial supply including producing a type of Covid-19 vaccine.

The client sought to hire:

  • 4 CQ Engineers & 1 Project Manager (both contract basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Flexible candidates: The client was significantly behind on their project deadline and therefore needed candidates to be immediately available (a matter of days).

Demand: Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Life Sciences industry, candidates are in very high demand.

How we sourced specialist talent in a demanding market

Our dedicated in-country Life Science recruiters are experienced in the German market and stay close to emerging trends to offer clients the most exceptional personnel for the Biotech industry.

Interviews were held just 48 hours after receiving the client brief.

Positions placed include:

  • Construction Manager
  • Qualified Person
  • SHE Manager

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Flexible Hiring

Fast placements

First candidates were placed within just 4 days.

Award-winning service

We're chosen

After placing 8 candidates within less than two months, NES Fircroft became the preferred supplier to the client for contractor resource project services.

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