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Clinical Research is the foundation of the Life Science industry, making it one of the most exciting and complicated parts of the sector.

The rapid increase the industry is experiencing in remote trials has had great consequence on the traditional clinical trial supply chain and simultaneously enhanced the geographical potential for many business operations, whilst also complicating their internal processes. 

There has never been a more crucial time to engage a trusted staffing partner to help you navigate this terrain.

Clinical Research recruitment is one of our primary focuses. We gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique nature of each client’s needs in order to adapt our services to overcome your specific challenges.

Market expertise

Our consultants are trained to recognise the behavioural characteristics and practical experiences in candidates whom are most closely aligned to the successful outcome of your business environment.

Our Clinical Research focused recruiters build extensive talent networks of both active and passive job seekers, which enable us to quickly access the highly specialised talent you need.

global recruitment

NES Fircroft has supported plenty of businesses with their Clinical Research staffing needs and are positioned to provide the expert consultancy that you need:

  • Clinical Directors
  • Clinical Programme Head
  • Clinical Project Manager / Leaders
  • CRA (Clinical Research Associates)
  • CTA (Clinical Trial Associates)
  • Trial Manager / Study Managers

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Clinical Research talent

Our support is designed to attract complementary mindsets to your business who will nurture your operations and drive your research projects forward to new heights:

We have access to staff with a broad therapeutic skillset, and organise our candidate pool by therapeutic area, which clinical research phases candidates have experience with, the type of studies candidates have experience with, and the nature of the organisation candidates have worked for. Our candidates keep pace with emerging practises in trial management, EDC, study software, and project management and efficiency innovations to remain viable in their career trajectory.

We will secure professionals with a diligent approach to numerical matters and experience in collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data to make informed decisions about your business ventures.

We have access to highly professional staff with experience in driving projects forward and maintaining harmony in a team environment whilst multi-tasking and facing hard deadlines.

Our talent networks keep track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which a company wishes to distribute its products, and will advise on legal / scientific restraints and requirements to ensure that your projects remain legally sound.

Our specialist talent has the aptitude to drive projects individually and to work effectively with other scientific professionals. We understand that communication skills play an imperative part of Clinical Research, and will ensure that our candidates not only communicate well and pro-actively with internal and external stakeholders, but harness a conscientious and detailed approach in this respect.

Case Study

Case Study

Managing simultaneous clinical trials

Our client is a publicly traded pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of novel, once-daily therapies for the treatment of elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C).

The client sought to hire: 

  • 6 Clinical Consultants (contract basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Increased trials: The client had undergone a recent ramp-up in their operation and as a result was running multiple clinical trials simultaneously.

Tight deadlines: Every trial involved significantly time-intensive NDA / MAA submissions, putting considerable strain on the workforce to meet deadlines.

We sourced staff to manage simultaneous clinical trials
  • We appointed a dedicated account manager and team of recruiters to launch a targeted recruitment drive.
  • We ensured flexibility for the client by only engaging candidates who had with the capacity to work remotely.
  • Our experienced team was able to on-board new resources as quickly as within 48 hours of receiving a request from the client.

The Results of our Recruitment Support

seamless hiring

Specialist skills

We deployed a team of Clinical Consultants with crucial skill sets including: Regional Monitors, Clinical Research Associates, a Clinical Data Manager and Clinical Trial Assistant

Speedy Hiring


Our speed led us to be selected as one of two preferred providers.

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