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We’re a reliable source of data centre personnel, from Engineers and Project Managers to Quantity Surveyors and more.

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NES Fircroft supplies staff to the world’s top data centre companies and holds key manpower service agreements with major Developers, Consultancies and EPC’s to match them with the very best talent.

We're your strategic partner, dedicated to connecting the world's top data centre companies with exceptional talent. Our comprehensive recruitment solutions are designed to propel your business forward, ensuring you're matched with the right talent for your specific needs.

Data Centres are the backbone of modern businesses

In a world that's rapidly digitalizing, data centres are the backbone of the digital economy and are pivotal to society's progress. 

From Engineers and Project Managers to Quantity Surveyors, we will connect you to the experts to you need to keep your data centre project on track.  

Our decades of market expertise means we know what it takes to hire efficiently and effectively. When engaging NES Fircroft to support with your hiring, you gain access to our candidate database of qualified professionals which has been carefully constructed over decades. The talent we supply can relocate nationally and internationally to ensure key construction project checkpoints and deadlines are met, enabling the flexibility to support on either a short or long-term basis.

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Why work with NES Fircroft for your data centre recruitment?

We connect you with the right candidates to move your projects forward.

We have dedicated teams that focus exclusively on the Data Centre sector. Our specialisation allows us to delve deeper into the industry, keeping up-to-date with trends, understanding the skill sets that are in demand, and identifying the top talent in the field.

We understand that managing the logistics of large-scale hiring can be a complex task. Our streamlined payroll service is award-winning and can help businesses to engage personnel in areas where they do not have a physical office.

We offer contracting and payroll services in over 80+ locations, allowing you to focus on what you do best - running your business.

With over 30 years of experience in the infrastructure industry, we bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to your projects. We don't just connect you with candidates; we connect you with the right candidates. Our recruitment teams build genuine relationships with hiring managers and candidates to ensure a sustainable fit for all parties.

Key positions recruited for Data Centre Construction:

Our data centre division specialises in the provision of all levels of technical, management and supervisory personnel across a broad spectrum of disciplines within Building, Construction and Facilities Management.

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