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Our Diagnostics job opportunities are broad, from emerging at-home diagnostic solutions and data-lab optimisation, to artificial intelligence in medical imaging and more

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The pace of technological development and the significant disruption and change stemmed from this has been profound on the Diagnostics sector. 

New techniques and methodologies have surfaced, leading to a new era of organisation which now requires a globally relevant outlook, specific and robust regulatory procedures, modified quality product management and a scalable operation.

Investment in this space is on the rise and in order to stay viable many organisations involved in the development of new diagnostic pathways and techniques are now undergoing huge expansion plans. This trend has stressed supply chains and tested quality assurance systems, forcing many businesses to completely re-evaluate their quality management system.

Market expertise

The highly specific quality and regulatory sensitive personnel required to fulfil the needs of operators in the Diagnostics space are in huge demand, and can be difficult to attract due to the competitive market.

Our experience, broad market reach and consultancy ensures that businesses are able to locate and entice candidates into their supply chain. Through decades of supporting the European Life Science market we have built a true understanding of what gives employers a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top performing workers.

global recruitment

The Diagnostics space sits at a cross-roads involving professionals from Scientific, Medical Device, and Technology focused backgrounds. We understand the need for speed and dedicated expertise and have a wealth of experience in placing scientific and digital professionals into roles across:

  • Point of care testing and emerging at-home diagnostic solutions
  • Predictive and personal genetics
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Clinical decision support solutions
  • Data-driven lab optimisation solutions
  • Artificial intelligence in medical imaging

Examples of our experience include supplying specialists to...

  • Support the regulatory filing of a digital software / application used for the diagnosis of cardiac issues
  • Project manage a Diagnostics service provider
  • Manage the quality assurance of an in-vitro diagnostics supplier
  • Manage the supply chain of an in-vitro diagnostics global firm
  • Provide technical engineering support for IVD devices

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Diagnostics Candidates

Our understanding of the Biotechnology market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

Our talent networks are broad, spanning candidates with experience in oncology, rare diseases, immunotherapy, gene therapies, vaccines, plasma therapies and stem cell research.

Our candidate base has broad therapeutic experience including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology, immunology, infectious diseases, metabolism and endocrinology, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, respiratory, rheumatology, substance abuse, urology and women’s health. We have experience supporting clients in all of these areas.

We have access to highly professional staff with accomplished skillsets in synthetic insulins, DNA studies, CRISPR, diagnostics and more. Our candidates keep pace with emerging practises to remain viable in their career trajectory.

Our specialist talent has the aptitude to drive projects individually and to work in harmony with other scientific professionals. We understand that communication skills play an imperative part of your Biotechnology function, and will ensure that our candidates not only communicate well and pro-actively, but harness a meticulous and detailed approach towards this.

Case Study

Case Study

Sourcing Senior Management for Diagnostics during a business restructure

Our client is a global diagnostics service provider encompassing assay development services, clinical analysis, testing services and the distribution of diagnostic kits.

The client sought to hire positions for: 

  • Project Director and Project Manager (permanent basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Business reorganisation: The client's hiring need came from investment into a new business division leading to a reorganisation at leadership level. The new hires therefore needed to lead a large team through uncharted territory and needed the ability to mitigate the ramifications of business change on team morale.

Lack of available talent pool: The blend of required skills and knowledge for the senior appointments considerably narrowed the talent pool.

Relocation: The prospective hires needed to be willing to work in a geographical area outside of the core Life Science hub.

We worked with the client on a retained basis, with 4 crucial stages:
  • Consultancy with key stakeholders to establish candidate profiles and a robust interview process.
  • Extensive market mapping to locate the target audience, marketing the vacancies through a broad range of channels.
  • Comprehensive short-lists created through comparing each candidate against the client’s unique criteria, salary detail, location, and previous client exposure. This data was used by the client to position and refine their offering in the talent market.
  • Our meticulous candidate matching meant that we only took 5 candidates to first interview stage and 2 candidates to final interview.

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Account Management

Specialists hired

As a result of our detailed profiling and extensive interviewing, both candidates were successfully offered the roles.

Healthcare Progression

These candidates are now delivering diagnostics projects throughout Europe, developing techniques to enable the diagnosis of diseases so that patients receive the right therapies and have an increased quality of life.

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