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Life Sciences

NES Fircroft is an experienced staffing provider to the Life Sciences industry, supplying scientific, technical and commercial staff to a broad range of areas

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The boom in Biotech investment has driven the emergence and establishment of a greater number of Biotech start-ups across Europe, enabling businesses to pursue their research and / or product development goals. The fast paced and competitive nature of this sector means that organisations need exceptionally specialised staff who are not always readily available in the open candidate market.

The highly niche nature of the Biotech industry, coupled with the need for technologically-adept candidate backgrounds means that accurate sourcing needs to be timely, and with a clear understanding of the company’s strategy.

Market expertise

Our expertise means we keep up to date with competing projects, understand our clients’ employee value propositions, and are able to offer consultancy regarding how to position projects and vacancies to compete for the best talent.

We have presence on 26 manufacturing sites and production site build projects throughout Europe. Our vertical market specialist consultants are continually sourcing for permanent and contingent / temporary labour for our customers, identifying both mobile and local candidates.

global recruitment

We help businesses across the spectrum - from those seeking staff with experience in research and development, to those equipped to restructure a business and drive operations forward. We have a wealth of experience in placing talent into roles across:

  • Business & Corporate Development
  • Clinical Research
  • In-Vivo and In-Vitro (Scientists and Biologists)
  • Leadership & Executive Functions
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Affairs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Biotechnology & Speciality Pharmaceuticals Candidates

Our understanding of the Biotechnology market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

Our talent networks are broad, spanning candidates with experience in oncology, rare diseases, immunotherapy, gene therapies, vaccines, plasma therapies and stem cell research.

Our candidate base has broad therapeutic experience including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology, immunology, infectious diseases, metabolism and endocrinology, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, respiratory, rheumatology, substance abuse, urology and women’s health. We have experience supporting clients in all of these areas.

We have access to highly professional staff with accomplished skillsets in synthetic insulins, DNA studies, CRISPR, diagnostics and more. Our candidates keep pace with emerging practises to remain viable in their career trajectory.

Our specialist talent has the aptitude to drive projects individually and to work in harmony with other scientific professionals. We understand that communication skills play an imperative part of your Biotechnology function, and will ensure that our candidates not only communicate well and pro-actively, but harness a meticulous and detailed approach towards this.

Case Study

Improving Employer Branding

Our client: A Poland-based biotechnology business centring around the development and implementation of drugs.

The client sought to hire positions across:

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Biochemistry
  • Research & Development

The client's hiring challenges

Retention: The client had lost a lot of staff in a short space of time and due to poor employer branding in the marketplace were struggling to attract new hires.

Lack of available talent pool: The Pharmaceutical candidate market in Poland is small, furthering the problem with their poor brand perception.

The need for speed: The client needed to fill a volume number of permanent positions to be ready to kick-start a major investment project. NES Fircroft’s demonstrable experience in supporting the Polish Life Science market meant the client enlisted our support.

How we improved the Biotechnology client's employer branding

We appointed a specialist Pharmaceuticals consultant to conduct their own initial market research and confirm the general public opinion on the business. Through working closely with all the Hiring Managers and HR, our specialist provided constructive and pragmatic suggestions to bolster their candidate offering.

Our consultancy resulted in:

  • More competitive pay and a bonus scheme
  • Financial support with candidates’ further education
  • More comprehensive onboarding and ongoing guidance
  • Better external communication regarding existing employee benefits

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Account Management

Specialists hired

We have secured 8 new hires so far and have become one of just two suppliers on the client’s preferred supplier list.

seamless hiring


The relationship we have fostered is so strong, and our competency so evident, that we now have 6 key contacts within the client’s company.

Contractor Loyalty


We went on to support their new infrastructure by sourcing the crucial role of IT Infrastructure Manager.

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