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NES Fircroft has a distinguished presence across ANZ, supplying high quality talent to many of the region’s leading energy and scientific projects

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NES Fircroft has provided recruitment services in Australasia and the Pacific since 2008 and now has offices in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby) and New Zealand (New Plymouth). With an established, broad presence in-region, we supply high quality talent to many of the area’s leading energy projects.

The energy landscape presents many different challenges for Australasian business, from cost pressures to sourcing intra-state or region-specific talent pools and facilitating the business continuity of your supply chain.

Complement this with rapid developments in technology, increasing competition for diversified talent and a strong push for decarbonisation in all aspects of life, and choosing the right staffing provider becomes more important than ever.

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The value of our partnership

Consultancy: At NES Fircroft, we partner with clients to not only find the perfect candidate, but also to deliver tailored solutions that deal with the challenges you face.

Reach: We’ve cultivated local, national and international talent networks across the globe to connect your business with the best candidates in the market.

Flexibility: We offer contract staffing, retained and executive searches, and a range of Managed Solutions which enable you to outsource all or part of your recruitment function to us.

Carbon Capture Engineer

Our support extends much further than just recruitment alone.

  • Compliance is at the forefront of our operation. With an Australian Labour Agreement in place, we can supply overseas personnel on a full legal and compliant contract basis.
  • Our in-house support teams manage all contractor logistics – from coordinating visas, work permits, medicals and travel arrangements, to providing in-country payroll solutions.

Optimise your workforce programme

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Our payroll function provides outstanding and compliant payroll services to an internationally mobile contractor workforce consisting of over 25,000 people, working in more than 70 countries. 

Our teams are structured on a regional basis which means the payroll staff have the in-depth knowledge of specific payroll and tax compliance requirements for each country, along with the appropriate cultural awareness that is necessary to be effective in our different areas of operation.

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Employer of Record Services

If you want to expand your global presence, but don’t want to go through the lengthy process of setting up new entities, you need a reliable Employer of Record partner.

We have offices in over 45 countries and decades of experience in international expansion; we can help you to hire employees quickly, compliantly and with minimal risk.

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We will help businesses to regain compliance in their hiring activity. We will never allow someone to start work at your company without ensuring they are set up compliantly and in a position to pay the right tax as required by local authorities.

From transitioning contractors from other workforce suppliers across to our payroll, to auditing the work permit and visa needs of current workforces, and ensuring all parties can evidence a proper payroll paperwork trail, we have plenty of experience in delivering peace of mind to the businesses we partner with.

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We have a dedicated team of vendor management and contingent workforce specialists experienced in the challenges of mitigating an evolving and ever-changing engineering landscape. We have been working with some of the world’s largest energy companies since 1970, helping them to consolidate and streamline their Contingent Labour activity for improved hiring processes and healthier profit margins.

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Talent Pooling

NES Fircroft’s unrivalled candidate reach ensures your talent acquisition has a competitive advantage.

Through a global office network exceeding 80 physical offices in 45 countries, the breadth and reach of our talent networks is unparalleled in the technical recruitment market. Our international recruitment teams support hiring managers at every stage of the recruitment process. We listen to you, provide pragmatic consultancy for a viable outcome and develop a truly comprehensive, tailored brief, no matter how niche or specific your hiring requirement may be.

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Assignee Mobilisation

Getting staff to an energy project in a remote location can be challenging and legally complex, especially when dealing with an expatriate workforce containing many different nationalities. 

In addition to our recruitment expertise, NES Fircroft offers industry-leading contractor mobility support services, including orchestrating their travel needs and comprehensive insurances, and delivering in-country orientations to ensure they are supported at every phase of a project.

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Executive Search

The right leader can dramatically alter your company’s growth and future innovation. A company’s culture is largely driven from the top down; hiring a new, critical member of your Board therefore is a pivotal and potentially risky time. Leaders must possess agility, courage and the tenacity to address complex management challenges that prevent companies from moving forward, whilst keeping stakeholders onside with shared corporate vision and values.

Leveraging our global talent pool, we’ll find C-Suite personnel with shared responsibility and purpose to innovate your Board and secure your succession planning.

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