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Quality Assurance is a fundamental part of any Life Science corporation in ensuring that the research, development, production, and maintenance of the product are in-line with all applicable regulations, and in addition, that they are optimised for safety, transparency, and consistency. 

The continued and significant investment into this space, coupled with advances in innovation which are driving clinical development pipelines forward, necessitate that employers secure increasingly specific levels of specialisation in their staff.

We understand that there is increasing strain on the quality talent pool and that competition is fierce. Many organisations are adopting a “total quality” approach to enable all aspects of their quality considerations to be managed as a single harmonised process, significantly impacting the supply chain for many organisations.

Market expertise

Whether you are working in biopharmaceuticals handling volatile materials or working in medical devices, our discipline-specific recruiters will secure the talent you need to drive your business forward and remain compliant with GMP, GCP and GDP regulations.

Our broad candidate networks are geared to supply specialists for every part of your quality management system. We will tap into the active and passive market and exercise a compelling brand story on your behalf to encourage overseas candidates to relocate for an opportunity with your business.

global recruitment

We enable the delivery of safer products to market through placing professionals with total dedication to the research, development and production of your product, with quality at the core of every project stage.

Our placements have included:

  • Quality Auditors / Engineers
  • Quality Managers / Directors
  • Head of Quality
  • Validation Managers
  • Specialists in: Automation, CSV, QMS, Quality Control, Remediation, Supplier Management

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Quality Assurance Candidates

Our understanding of the Quality Assurance market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

Our talent networks keep track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which a company wishes to distribute its products, and will advise on legal / scientific restraints and requirements to ensure that your operations remain compliant and safe.

We will secure professionals with experience in collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data to make informed decisions about your business.

We have access to highly professional staff with experience in providing strategic and technical advice at the highest level in their companies, to make an important contribution to the efficiency of your development programme.

We have access to highly professional staff with accomplished skillsets in quality system design, maintenance, audits, and QPs from GMP, GDP, GCP and GLP backgrounds. In a very competitive market for the best personnel, we organise our talent pools to reflect niche areas and the general competencies each candidate represents, which enables us to reach them much more quickly.

The professionals we place are well versed in communicating processes to all stakeholders and will document and present all required details to obtain or maintain production authorisation for the products concerned, in addition to practising good document housekeeping to avoid any problems associated with badly kept records or poor presentation of data.

Case Study

Case Study

Hiring specialist quality personnel - remote location, UK

Our client provides innovative therapies and technologies to help treat life-threatening illnesses.

The client sought to hire:

  • 3 Quality Assurance Managers (permanent basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Fast-paced market: In response to the market the client’s rapid increase in the production of antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs made these hires business-critical.

The remote location: the local talent pool was exceptionally small making it highly probable that candidates would need to relocate, and there is a direct competitor in the area.

Timely production: The client had already wasted significant valuable time in trying to fill these roles directly, making the hires even more urgent in meeting production schedules.

Our strategy finds candidates who optimise QMS systems and effectively deliver products to market

We signed on an exclusive basis:

  • Appointed a Quality expert to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of the job roles as well as the client’s culture and working environment, to pitch the role and the prospect of relocation to potential applicants. This detailed analysis enabled our specialist to pinpoint where our client’s previous hiring strategy had failed
  • Mitigated Covid restrictions through video interviewing technology - the client was able to review interview footage at a time convenient to them

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Quality Hiring


20 candidates interviewed, shortlisting 6. The strength of our talent pooling was so strong that all 6 applicants progressed to a second interview stage.

Speedy Hiring


All 3 placements were secured within the client’s deadline.

Award-winning service


Our client recommended us to a Pharmaceutical company who have since engaged our services for further quality hires across the UK.

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