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Our expert team will source specialist talent for the highly competitive Scientific sector - from Series A/B funded biotechs to CROs and more

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Life Sciences

We have a range of jobs for personnel focused on the development of assays, diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, the delivery of analytical services, and more

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Attracting scientific investment and building scientific-based economies is a key priority of governments and economic departments around the world, driven by macro-economic trends which make this an attractive growth sector for coming generations.

Governments and institutions are offering grants, research funding, and considerable fiscal incentives for new businesses, and to secure the continued investment and security of established organisations.

The impact of growing investments in the Scientific space means that scientifically focused companies are operating in an increasingly competitive environment for talent, as the environment in which scientific skillsets operate is stimulating greater and greater levels of competition.

Market expertise

Our deep and long-standing experience gives us a sound knowledge base from which to advise, consult, and support our customers in adjusting their recruitment behaviours in line with competitive best practice, and to refine employee value propositions to ensure that the best talent is attracted.

Our broad reach across the range of fields embroiled within the scientific market enables us to connect businesses with candidates who share their goals and aspirations for ground-breaking work. We are not confined to a small geographic remit; our international office reach means we have access to the topmost Scientific professionals across the globe.

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Our market experience will facilitate your access to experienced research skillets, personnel focused on the development of assays, diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, and the delivery of analytical services. 

  • Antibody Specialists
  • Biochemists / Biologists / Chemists / Scientists 
  • Formulation Specialists
  • Immunologists
  • Lab Managers
  • NPD Personnel
  • Oncologists
  • Quality Control Analysts
  • Research Associates / Development Managers
  • Virologists

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Scientific talent

Our talent networks will deliver personnel with the drive to take your research to new heights and make a genuine contribution to scientific development through:

Our scientific networks understand what it takes to achieve real breakthroughs and exude patience, determination and flexibility in equal measure to drive your research forward.

We will connect you with talent pools who carry significant experience in collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data to make informed decisions about your ventures. Through their excellence they will develop original solutions to problems whilst carrying out field-work.

The professionals in our network will demonstrate scientific and numerical proficiency with logic at the forefront of their agenda, and the ability to work independently and decisively from their findings.

Accuracy and precision are of paramount concern and the candidates we offer are dedicated to the finer details of their work, ensuring competency in all that they do.

Our candidates know that true success in the scientific field goes hand in hand with effective cross-team communication. The professionals we place know how to present ideas, demonstrate procedures, supervise and liaise with different departments to share knowledge and meet milestones.

Our dedicated Life Science team has delivered hundreds of FTE on both temporary and permanent assignments. 
We have:

  • supplied talent to Series-A and B funded Biotechs, analytical laboratories, global laboratory service organisations, CROs, and numerous sponsors within the Scientific remit
  • partnered with high profile organisations throughout the global Coronavirus pandemic to drive their efforts in securing expertise for vaccine development and optimising their manufacturing processes
  • supported CROs with rapid growth through our developed talent pools and broad network reach and filled the talent gaps for major pharmaco businesses
  • offered ongoing contingent temporary talent, and project specific resources to help businesses meet their goals whilst
Case Study

Case Study

Sourcing specialist talent in narrow markets - Biochemistry

Our client is a major Biotechnology company developing antibody drug conjugates as a treatment for cancer.

The client sought to hire a position for: 

  • Senior Scientist (permanent basis)

The client's hiring challenges

Specialism: The niche skillset required meant that the client was restricted to a profoundly-concentrated talent pool of eligible specialists.

Location: The central London role location is not renowned for laboratory-based Biotechs; their main competitors are based in Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire, meaning many prospective candidates were potentially faced with a long commute.

We appointed a Biotechnology specialist to run the recruitment drive

Head-hunting techniques were a critical sourcing strategy for this role, targeting both active and passive markets; the job advert was shared with a targeted audience of more than 4,000 Scientists across the UK.

We targeted companies with a history of hiring candidates with similar skillsets and approached suitable individuals with discretion.

To minimise the barrier posed by the commute, we advised the client to offer a season-ticket interest-free loan for use on transport as a benefit, and offered guidance on how to structure and manage the loans process.

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Candidate sourcing: We supplied the client with a shortlist of such high-quality candidates that of the two individuals who reached the second interview stage, both were hired; our client doubled their recruitment budget and created a second job role to secure the outstanding talent that we had located for them.

Increased headcount: Our access to specialist candidates led the client to increase their Research and Development headcount by 50% in just one year; we have now sourced the client’s entire Chemistry and Biochemistry teams, including two managers and experienced Scientists and key Bio-Analytical appointments.

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