Recruitment for Mining Exploration

Nearly all items began life as a mineral – your mobile phone, car, laptop are all made with materials derived from minerals. Global demand for minerals is increasing in other areas too, for example, the need to mine copper is becoming increasingly important to build renewable energy components such as wind turbines. 

The demand for lithium is going through the roof as the need to increase battery storage continues to rise at an exponential rate. The result is a large increase in exploration activity, with Western Australia being a key focal point and a huge contributor to global economies.

It’s estimated that less than one per cent of exploration projects progress to establishing a mine, making this project phase a hugely expensive and risky time for businesses, and making it even more imperative that hiring managers get their talent acquisition strategies right from the beginning, to maximise their chances of seeking a viable, valuable mineral site.

Specialized Recruitment for Mineral Exploration Projects

We have discipline-specific recruitment experts who understand that mineral exploration encompasses a range of activities that all demand different skillsets. Our skilled teams are on-hand to support grassroot / advanced greenfield projects and brownfield ventures. Whether your business is launching a reconnaissance exercise in search of a new mineral prospect, running a feasibility study to evaluate the mining potential of a site, or augmenting additional ore reserves and resources in the mine, our specialist recruiters will connect you to top-tier talent in the mining exploration field.

Midstream Engineer

Partner with NES Fircroft to find skilled personnel for mining exploration

We will recruit expert personnel to determine if mineralisation levels are large enough to be commercially extracted through: 

  • Geological mapping
  • Geological surveying the ground from the surface or air
  • Geological testing 
  • Drilling campaigns

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NES Fircroft is so much more than a mining recruiter. We go above and beyond the services of a traditional recruitment company to ensure that our mining clients, their projects, and their workforce have access to unrivalled support services and will hit the ground running.

Your project may demand specialist expertise that needs to be brought from overseas. We have the expertise to break down international barriers and negotiate the global mobility challenges associated with a global workforce; ensuring clients and candidates are supported in every location imaginable. In Australia, we’re one of the few agencies who have a Labour Agreement in place which means we can recruit and mobilise candidates from various locations worldwide on a variety of visa solutions and on-hire to our clients.

Why this benefits your mining site:

  • We hold their visa, giving you a flexible workforce
  • Accredited sponsored status allows priority processing; in some cases we have had visas approved within just 5 days of submission
  • We certify background checks.
  • We manage the contractor's employment as their employer, offering you peace of mind they are paid in line with Fairwork and are compliant

Your physical office footprint should not limit your mining and minerals potential. Through our vast international footprint we also offer Employer of Record services, meaning we can employ and payroll staff on your behalf in countries where you do not have a registered entity, saving you from the lengthy process of setting one up.

Our in-house assignment support team will save you significant time and money through managing the logistics of your Fifo workforce.

We recognise that remote working locations are not for everyone, and that to pursue a career in mining is a lifestyle choice. Our recruitment team is therefore transparent about working environments and the realities of working at a remote site, qualifying technical proficiencies alongside candidates’ soft skills to achieve longevity in the hire and ultimately, retention, for site stability and workforce harmony.

Once we’ve secured specialist talent for your project site, we have the largest team of in-house contractor support professionals in the industry, ensuring your contractor workforce is taken care of and can concentrate on a successful project delivery. 

Our logistics support includes orchestrating:

  • Regular flight rotations
  • Accommodation
  • Medicals, including drug and alcohol checks
  • Insurances (medical and safety)
  • PPE
  • Timely, accurate payroll – when appropriate, we even have a contractor app for submitting timesheets

In Australia, contractors also have 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Programme to anonymously discuss wellness and mental health. 

NES Fircroft is committed to the employment of local and indigenous talent. 

Through our work with Australia’s premier mining companies, we have built up an extensive database of Indigenous talent and this capability forms an important foundation for our service. Our recruitment systems and policies ensure that local residents including aboriginal peoples and other underrepresented groups are offered equal opportunity if they meet the skill requirements for the role. Alongside this, Key NESF personnel go through a training programme to understand the indigenous culture and ensure best recruitment practices.

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