Recruitment Expertise in the Renewable Energy Market

NES Fircroft is an experienced renewable energy recruitment agency supplying engineers and technical staff for all phases of the project life cycle, from financial inception to operational execution.

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Investing in renewable power is vital to address climate change and help economies continue their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you need to take your search to an international level, seek to upskill local candidates, or want to hire staff where you do not have an office location, we will provide a tailored service to meet your hiring requirements.

Global Renewable Energy Recruitment

We provide renewable energy recruitment solutions for several key renewable projects across the globe. We are excited to work with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Renewables UK to continue communicating the benefits of the renewables sector, and to support clients and candidates operating within the industry.

We keep up to date with industry trends and people movement. As a testament to this, in partnership with Energy Jobline, we run an “energy transition” survey to gauge workers’ sentiments on the evolving energy industry. Download your copy here.

Renewable Energy Recruitment

We are poised for fast, efficient, and effective hiring. Our renewable energy recruitment teams have an ​in-depth understanding of the challenges facing businesses. They can mine our extensive global database to build you a talent pool for the future. Despite our global set-up, we operate locally with on-the-ground teams demonstrating an in-depth understanding of their locality and renewable energy businesses' challenges.

Staffing Support for Solar Parks

Investment in the solar energy market is soaring, driven by rapid technological advancements and growing consumer consumption. Leveraging our global talent networks, NES Fircroft has supported solar manufacturers, installers, and storage facilities with their hiring needs across the full value chain.

Hiring for solar success
Solar Engineer

Recruitment Expertise for Onshore and Offshore Wind

Onshore wind remains a critical avenue for countries looking to harmonise their energy mix with a more environmentally sustainable output. NESF’s discipline-specific recruitment teams are well-placed to meet the hiring challenges of businesses in this space. We have supported the industry since its inception and, through our global office network, will connect businesses to more experienced talent pools in differing geographies when required.

Leverage our global footprint
Wind Engineer

We Recruit for all major Alternative Energies

Our consultants operate in specific sectors which means that they are experts in their fields and can truly speak the language of both our clients and candidates through staying close to their markets. These include

Staffing the Hydrogen sector

NES Fircroft is at the forefront of enhancing hydrogen technologies and storage methods through providing niche personnel to the industry; our dedicated recruitment team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing hydrogen companies as they strive to meet the world’s rising energy demands and secure critical talent in a highly competitive sector. We provide full hydrogen project lifecycle support for blue, green and grey hydrogen ventures, supplying multi-disciplinary engineers to support all facets of hydrogen production and storage.

We support our clients’ hydrogen projects through critical phases of development

  • Project Financing & Debt Financing
  • Research & Development and Technology Implementation
  • Construction & Development
  • Project Execution
  • Ops & Maintenance (contracts from owners / investors)

Read about our support to major hydrogen companies below:


Recruiting Expertise for Carbon Capture and Storage

We offer full lifecycle staffing support throughout carbon capture and storage projects, identifying key hires in critical phases of development, including:

  • Early stage technology scale-up / development
  • First demonstration / technology commercialisation and licensing
  • Feasibility studies and FEED
  • Detailed engineering
  • Project execution

Our international talent pool embodies specialist personnel who are experts in the removal and sequestering of CO2, including those with substantial experience in utilising non-amine solvents to create a significantly more energy efficient, less toxic and less corrosive process during absorption. The talent we place will help to enhance your carbon capture and storage technologies, including pre-combustion through gasification, amine-based chemical solvents and direct carbon capture modules.

For transporting and storing your CO2, we will place personnel to ensure that your shipping costs remain competitive and that your product is secured safely to maintain substance integrity whether you use degrading algae, enhanced oil recovery methods, mineral storage or saline-filled basalt formations.

Read about our recruitment support to carbon capture and storage facilities below:


Recruitment Expertise for Battery Storage & Technologies

Sourcing personnel for Battery Storage & Technologies 

Our battery recruitment team puts the right people in the right place to ensure that the cost of scaling up your electricity production output is greatly reduced, whilst maximising your market reach. Our international talent pool embodies specialist personnel who are experts in the chemical make-up and electrode compositions of batteries, including those with substantial experience in generating models to create significantly more energy output. Our unrivalled talent reach has connected our clients to the topmost of professionals within this market. We have supplied talent to enhance battery technologies, including lithium-ion, sand, lithium-sulphur, zinc-manganese oxide and EVs. We have also sourced personnel to improve battery storage methods including electrochemical and BESS processes.

Read about our support to battery projects below:


Recruitment Expertise for the Nuclear Market

Our depth of expertise in the nuclear industry, global network and local market knowledge combine to provide you with a complete nuclear power workforce solution. Our recruitment team places nuclear specialists across the full plant life cycle, from new builds and front-end engineering to operations & maintenance and dismantling / decommissioning, including:

  • Planning and Licensing (including uprates and lifetime extensions)
  • Engineering and Design
  • Nuclear Consultancy Services
  • Civil Construction
  • NI and TI Erection
  • BOP and BNI
  • Inspection (including adherence to government regulations)
  • NI and TI Commissioning
  • Radioactive Waste Management

Read about our recruitment support to Nuclear businesses below.


Sourcing specialists for the Energy from Waste Sector

Landfill sites produce methane, a dangerous contributor to climate change and global warming. Waste to Energy projects (waste incineration with energy recovery) reduce the need for waste to be sent to landfills by approximately 90% and avoid the production of methane and protects our natural resources and land. Our dedicated Waste to Energy team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the ever-evolving industry and will mine our extensive global database to help you to build a skilled biomass team whether you need engineering professionals, technical managers, waste wood/feedstock or procurement managers - our clean energy specialists can find you the top talent in the field.


Recruiting for Geothermal and Hydroelectric Projects

Our recruitment team has staffed all project phases sourcing 1000s of skilled professionals for power projects with Utilities, Developers, OEMs, EPCs and the wider supply chain. We understand that the industry is changing and that your engineering team needs to be mobile, innovative and work across the organisation to ensure competitive advantage is gained across the design, planning, construction, development, operations, maintenance, procurement and grid connection phases of your facility.



EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings, recently scored NES Fircroft with a platinum rating for our environmental efforts. 

Scoring 78 out of a possible 100, this places NES Fircroft in the top 1% of their verified businesses. 

The accreditation is testament to the impact of our corporate sustainability efforts and demonstrates NES Fircroft’s continued commitment to Environmental improvements.

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