Get Compliance in Your Hiring Through NES Fircroft

Our Compliance team is based across the world and understands the local legislation requirements and obligations needed for compliant workers on your project.

We foster integrity and excellence in our hiring methodlogy

NES Fircroft is committed to delivering a compliant recruitment process

A company’s culture makes a strong statement about the quality of its services, products and its overall success as an organisation. At NES Fircroft, it’s essential that our business and personal conduct is carried out with integrity, understanding and ownership of responsibility.

NES Fircroft is certified to ISO9001:2015. Our quality management system (QMS) serves to communicate expectations, establish controls and foster a culture committed to excellence in everything that we do.

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Compliant Recruitment Services

Compliance is an essential expectation of our staff, and therefore our recruitment service

Being ISO certified ensures that we maintain consistency in our internal processes and enables us to deliver a high level of satisfaction to our customers, who can be confident that we are listening to their needs and delivering staffing solutions in-line with legislative obligations, no matter where in the world they may be.

To maintain the highest standards across our global operations, the importance of compliance in terms of business application and conduct is widely communicated and regularly monitored. Our expectations are defined as part of our corporate Core Values, as well as incorporated into business policy, practises, and operational guidance.

We have dedicated compliance personnel forming part of NES Fircroft’s Commercial and Legal Team, delivering expertise in

  • Commercial Compliance
  • Risk
  • Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE)
  • Quality
  • Data Protection
  • Travel Management
  • Insurances
Global Contractor Network

With our Compliance team based in the UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, and Norway, our geographical spread ensures we fully understand the implications of regional legislation for your project scope

Our dedication to compliance includes:

  • Adherence with applicable laws and regulations in geographical areas in which the business operates, including any codes, licenses and permits associated with industry
  • The prevention of unethical business practises, including modern slavery, human rights abuses, bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, extortion and other improper payments, benefits or gifts
  • Conformity to relevant health, safety and quality standards associated with industry best practise
  • The protection of confidential information, personal data and intellectual property
  • Encouragement and promotion of corporate social and environmental responsibility throughout the organisation and associated suppliers

We have helped businesses to regain compliance in their hiring activity

From transitioning contractors from other workforce suppliers across to our payroll, to auditing the work permit and visa needs of current workforces, and ensuring all parties can evidence a proper payroll paperwork trail, we have plenty of experience in delivering peace of mind to the businesses we partner with. We will never allow someone to start work at your company without ensuring they are set up compliantly and in a position to pay the right tax as required by local authorities.

Quality Hiring

Our Legal Team Understands Taxation & Fiscal Compliance

We know the legislation involved in enabling contractors to work compliantly, saving you from the time and expense of seeking additional commercial and fiscal advice. Whether you need to adhere to the FLSA in The United States, or worker’s payment protection schemes in the Middle East, our global team possesses the know-how.

Award-winning service

We have relationships with the world’s leading-insurance providers

Through trusted third parties we have a number of insurance programmes in place for contractors, including: employers’ liability, workers’ compensation, medical needs, general liability and third-party liability programmes to cover for injury, death, damage to property and injury to other individuals.

Global presence

Our legal and financial teams understand cross-border tax requirements

In addition to our own local knowledge, our global financial advisor, Deloitte, enables us to keep close to current issues and trends on tax legislative, regulatory and judicial developments, meaning that we have external, professional financial information readily available.

Our commitment to compliance and top level service is prevalent throughout a contractor's assignment

  • We perform extensive candidate background checks (including but not limited to right to work, drug and alcohol screening and other specific checks required by the client)
  • Our teams set appropriate bill / pay rates and gathering documentation required to ensure compliant payroll in-line with the contractor’s home country and vicinity of work
  • We execute an official contract with personnel and detail out all medical benefits (if applicable) and insurance specifics
  • We ensure that contractors are aware of and have access to our payroll app – NESTime – which further streamlines the payroll process and reduces the risks associated with manual human error
  • Our recruitment teams perform regular check-in calls with personnel to monitor any performance issues, working with all parties to solve any outstanding issues.
  • Should an incident arise on the project site, we complete an internal incident report for ourselves and for our client. If a contractor injury occurs as a result of an on-site incident, we deal directly with our compensation providers and keep all parties updated of progress
  • Prior to the end of the assignment, we will engage with contractors, offering to find their next job – this can often involve mobilising them to a brand-new location
  • We discuss the assignment’s termination with personnel in advance, issuing termination letters and providing notice as required by their contract and local labour law
  • Our Assignment Support teams close-out personnel’s benefits at the end of the month following termination
  • All placed contractors are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their onboarding experience with NES Fircroft - our satisfaction surveys are conducted through the internationally recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS®). Our current NPS score is +46, far ahead of the industry benchmark of +18, demonstrating our high level of service.

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