Recruitment for Mining Operations and Maintenance

NES Fircroft understands that the running and maintenance of your commissioned mine is the most crucial project phase in your mining operation, with many factors needing to work together seamlessly to ensure your plant assets perform at the highest possible level of productivity.

From working with all-size businesses, from junior explorers to multinational operators, we have experience in implementing staffing strategies to positively impact your processes, procedures, culture and operating philosophies, delivering strong leadership to the forefront of your site, and putting tools in place to support employees throughout the duration of their assignment.

Expert Recruitment for Infrastructure and Equipment Needs

Whether you need to upgrade your access roads, replace, maintain or upgrade your mining equipment, expand your site, or refit the workforce’s accommodation camps, our discipline-specific recruitment experts will get the right people on-site, on time, to keep your mining operation running smoothly and to optimise performance.

Wind Engineer

NES Fircroft will recruit highly skilled engineers and technicians for your mining operations

Our discipline-specific recruitment teams deliver professionals to the site to improve your asset management, minimize downtime and provide advanced control systems across: 

  • Automation of machinery
  • Health & Safety and Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • Quality control
  • Technical and operational maintenance
  • Process operation and maintenance
  • Training
  • Technical Writing
  • Planning and Scheduling

Our candidate networks include:

Flexible Hiring

Corporate Communications Specialists

future hiring potential

Electrical Engineers

Process Engineers

Construction Recruitment

Mechanical Engineers

seamless hiring


Recruitment for Utilities

Lab Management

seamless hiring

Operations Manager

Competitive Hiring

Production Managers & Superintendents

Account Management

Project Directors / Managers

Quality Hiring

Project Studies Specialists


QA / QC Professionals

Candidate Search

Data/Business Analysts

seamless hiring

Maintenance Trades

Candidate Skills

Process and Maintenance Supervision

Corporate Services

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