Recruitment for the Construction of Mining Facilities

The required construction activity to convert your site into a functioning mine can be vast and broad, demanding a huge range of expertise for smooth progression that ensures the site will be equipped to meet stringent production deadlines. 

Just some of the components to be constructed include crushing and processing facilities, load-out facilities, tailings storage, and on greenfield sites, non-process infrastructure (NPI) such as access roads to and from the site, and accommodation camps. 

The list of needs at this project stage is lengthy and can be highly complex, with numerous and differing work packages being awarded to subcontractors simultaneously by the winning main contractor.

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Since 1970, we have partnered with some of the biggest players in the energy sector, enabling them to optimize their vendor management and Contingent Labour operations, enhancing their hiring procedures and boosting their profitability.

NES Fircroft has supported countless EPC, EPCM, Owner Operators and Consultancy companies and has access to both the senior management needed to drive this phase of your project, and the blue-collar technical trades personnel to bring your construction plans to fruition.

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NES Fircroft will find the best Construction talent for your mining site

We will recruit technically skilled candidates to progress your site to the mineral extraction and excavation process. Our Construction talent will deliver: 

Timesheet Management


Global presence

Bulk Earth Works

Infrastructure Recruitment

Site Access

Construction Recruitment

NPI Construction Activities

Structural Mechanical and Piping (SMP)

Account Management

Project Management

Award-winning service



Quality assurance

Account Management


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