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Bolstering our existing presence on the East Coast of the USA, our Boston office is the latest addition to the large NES Fircroft North American office network, and demonstrates our continued prowess in recruitment across the Power and Renewable Energy sectors.

Our Boston operation specializes in providing recruitment services and job opportunities to the offshore wind market which continues to thrive as investment remains pouring in.

Boston Recruitment

Offshore Wind Recruitment for the North East Coast

NES Fircroft has been operating in the USA for over 25 years and already supports several key renewable energy projects across the wind and solar industries.

We pride ourselves on providing local support to businesses and job seekers, and understand that reliability, consistency, and proximity are paramount in building long-term relationships; establishing a local physical presence in Boston was therefore a logical next step in strengthening our service. Our Chicago, Ontario, Philadelphia and West Virginia presence in conjunction with our Boston office provides several local connection points to the growing hub of offshore energy projects in the North East.

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Unrivalled access to offshore wind talent

We are a proud member of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and have a wealth of experience in staffing major offshore wind projects across the planet.

Our global office network exceeds 45 countries - this set-up is complemented by our vast offshore wind project portfolio means that we offer a pre-qualified offshore wind talent pipeline and can source and mobilize experienced personnel from other geographies, such as Europe, into the USA to help kick-start and oversee your project. Our assignment support, compliance and legal teams collaborate to ensure that personnel are mobilized efficiently and compliantly. Through our ample experience and commitment to the sector, we have already secured our status as a workforce supplier to 4 of the biggest offshore wind farms currently in development in the USA.

During 50+ years of global operation we have built and nurtured an extensive engineering and talent candidate database, which has evolved in tandem with the diversifying energy industry. While many of our candidates have had prior experience directly in the offshore wind sector, we are also able to locate and secure candidates from other energy fields which offer transferable skills, such as offshore oil and gas engineers.

Our onboarding process ensures that all company and region-specific compliance testing and training is complete prior to a contractor commencing an assignment. We have a diligent qualification process in place that helps our clients comply with the Department of Labor requirements for FLSA ensuring correct classifications of EXEMPT and NON-EXEMPT worker status. For independent 1099 contractors NESF also follows a structure qualification process to ensure correct worker status for all contractors.

Read more about our recruitment services below, or submit an enquiry to find out how we can support your offshore wind hiring drive.

To remain compliant with local labor laws, the capacity to work with unions is an integral part of recruiting for offshore wind in North America. Through our dedicated entity, NES Construction, we increase your access to engineering personnel ten-fold.

  • Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
  • Ocean Wind
  • Revolution Wind
  • South Fork Wind
  • Sunrise wind
  • Vineyard Wind 1


  • Including marine engineering, geological surveying and design (electrical, topsides, jackets, foundations)


  • Including tower specialisation, cable installation
  • And subsea cable connection


  • Including reliability & shift change engineering, work on support vessels / ports


  • Including marine services, platform fabrication & assembly, transportation (loadout), substation expertise


  • Including technical writing, costings, planning & scheduling


  • Including risk analysis, HSE and QA / QC

We’ll help you find your next offshore wind job in the USA

NES Fircroft offers you a unique vantage point to access the best jobs on the most exciting engineering projects.

The offshore wind sector in North East America is experiencing a huge push for local personnel, and our competitors are not local to the area. Our recruitment teams actively network and have built close working relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our affiliation with unions further increases our project access for exclusive job opportunities.

As one of the world’s most competitive renewable energy sources, and as a newer entrant on the energy scene, the offshore wind sector often looks to other established energy industries, such as offshore oil and gas, to leverage the skillsets of experienced workers. Increasing numbers of traditional energy engineers are moving their careers to the renewable energy sector, and you could be one of them.

Through our existing office network and long tenure in-country our teams are entrenched in understanding state laws, and all taxation requirements to ensure that you remain compliant in your onboarding and throughout your assignment. We’ve supported countless contractors in transitioning across to our management so they can realize the benefits of our marketing-leading service and rest assured that we’ve got all logistics taken care of.

Whether you’re looking for a contract or permanent job within design, commissioning or maintenance vessels and offshore sub stations, we’ll have an opportunity for you. Check out our latest jobs in Boston and the North East below. 

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