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Consolidate your contract workforce and realise the cost benefits

Consolidating your workforce suppliers can save costs, increase hiring efficiencies and improve your compliance levels

NES Fircroft has a dedicated team of vendor management and contingent workforce specialists experienced in the challenges of mitigating an evolving and ever-changing engineering landscape. We have been working with some of the world’s largest energy companies since 1970, helping them to consolidate and streamline their Contingent Labour activity for improved hiring processes and healthier profit margins.

Consolidation Services

Regain control

For decades, contract workers have been integral to staffing some of the world’s most pioneering engineering projects. The specialised nature of engineering work, coupled with multi-phase projects which can span entire hemispheres and continents, means that many businesses acquire a broad portfolio of suppliers over time. If this portfolio isn’t actively managed, edited, and nurtured, processes can become more and more complex, diluted, and at risk of legal and financial consequences.

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Before enlisting our support, many of the businesses that we work with experience the same hiring challenges:
  • Unmanaged (often spiralling) external agency spend
  • Internal talent acquisition teams and hiring managers without enough time to manage multiple agencies
  • Fragmented and/or disjointed hiring processes across an international business set-up
  • Exposure to compliance risks across the globe, including non-compliant or poor performing vendors

Consolidation services from NES Fircroft deliver a multitude of business benefits...

If you enlist NES Fircroft to take responsibility for the management of your current agencies:

  • We’ll standardise pay rates and analyse 3rd party agency margins
  • We’ll ensure compliance when transitioning contractors across to our operation
  • We’ll simplify your administration
  • We’ll help you to regain control of procurement and uncontrolled spend

Streamlined costings with greater flexibility to scale your staffing levels up or down go hand in hand with an NES Fircroft partnership. Using a plethora of recruitment agencies and suppliers isn’t necessary when you have access to a single recruitment partner with an international candidate network and unrivalled office footprint in the technical engineering space. Our candidate pool is enormous and truly global, offering expertise for all aspects of the energy market. As the energy industry collaborates towards net-zero and seeks to share expertise across previously juxtaposed sectors, we have supported contractor transitions between industries and have helped clients to tap into new candidate territories. Dealing with less vendors makes it far easier to navigate the peaks and troughs of industry and associated fluctuations in workforce needs.

Mitigating cultural, geographical and logistical hurdles to rationalise the hiring process on an international level is what we do, all day, every day. Our global network contains more than 80 offices across six continents, with 1,800 staff of 53 different nationalities – so before you consider the sheer volume of contractors we support, running our own business demonstrates that we have the expertise and capability you need to help rationalise your processes and deliver a sustainable, efficient contingent labour model. We will provide you with one key point of contact, consolidated billing and concise management reporting, meaning there will be no need to manage multiple systems and reports – we keep it simple.

We’re not just going to tell you to give us all of your contractors. It’s true that our contract management services are award-winning, but this means that when you enlist our consolidation services, you can rest assured you will receive sound advice from an experienced team, and that we are looking for the best option for you.

We’ll take a holistic approach to your Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, transitioning contract workers to the most efficient and appropriate, dependant on your context. Our services are tailored – what works for one business, won’t work for another, so there is no “one size fits all” NES Fircroft recruitment service. We will appoint a dedicated account manager to the scope and optimise our service to deliver the best outcome for you.

Typical Consolidation Services

NES Fircroft can manage your sub-vendors and carry out a full review of

  • Contractor rates
  • Margins
  • Compliance levels

We will renegotiate rates on your behalf and ensure all resources are compliantly engaged. You do not need to commit resources to this process; NES Fircroft can deliver the programme for you and ensure your workforce number remains optimised and compliant, whilst maintaining access to a qualified pipeline of talent through our established candidate networks.

We’re experts in change management and keeping up workforce morale in what could otherwise be a turbulent situation. We’ll work with you to manage the transfer of contractors from nonpreferred suppliers to a rationalised engagement model, delivering in-house training to ensure the contractors make a smooth transition and, where required, will base our team on-site to ensure that contractors have face to face support throughout the change.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to engage a service involving a blend of sub-vendor management and supplier rationalisation – as one often complements the other. If you would like to reap the benefits of having a consistent, compliant and cost-effective approach to your contractor management with fewer supplier relationships to manage, send us an enquiry.

You can read examples of consolidation support we’ve provided to other businesses below, or read more about our other recruitment services.

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