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Innovation in both Medical technology and the Biotech space has led to high demand and employer competition across Europe.

Billions of Euros worth of private investment continues to flood into the European Biotech sector, evidencing the appeal for businesses to grow their share in this vertical. The Biotech talent space is being disrupted by volume numbers of firms choosing to take products to market and developing fully commercial entities, rather than the orthodox grow to sell model.

NES Fircroft is a global business that understands the importance of establishing teams with a local mindset and local knowledge, whilst blending the local strategy with a company’s global objectives and plan.

Market expertise

Through securing talent with the appropriate level of cultural sensitivity and sector experience, we mitigate the logistical complexities of managing a de-centralised team to establish a seamless operation, irrespective of physical location.

Our rare offering enables us to attract the topmost professionals, including passive candidates, and support them through the process of migrating to a new working location - including helping them to mitigate new geographies on an emotional and practical level.

global recruitment

To thrive in any country, you need a sales, marketing and medical team to work in harmony and leverage the true potential of your business model. We enable the progression of commercial strategies through facilitating a positive interaction between medical affairs and commercial departments, and have a wealth of experience in placing professionals into roles across:

  • Marketing: Brand Management & Product Management
  • Medical Affairs
  • MSLs
  • Regulatory Affairs and Safety
  • Sales and Sales Reps
  • Submissions

NES Fircroft gives you access to the best Commercial & Sales candidates

Our understanding of the Commercial and Sales market coupled with our broad European candidate networks means that we will find candidates with the perfect blend of skills to enhance your business:

We will find candidates with an in-depth understanding of your biotechnology and pharmaceutical competitors, products and the stakeholder ecosystem.

Our talent networks comprise professionals who remain aware of local regulations, and can articulate how these fit within broader regulatory structures, such as Swiss Medic, FDA, EMA, Bfarm.*non-extensive

We will find talent to define and deliver on a local strategy, which aligns with the overarching corporate strategy and goals.

The professionals we secure are able to participate in matrixed team events and initiatives (crossborder / multi-disciplinary). Through their unique backgrounds and experience our candidates will bridge the interactions between the medical affairs and commercial departments for consistent communication and a combined goal.

Our placements maintain focus on performance of the affiliate, simultaneously driving initiatives, values, and HQ strategy, whilst also leveraging their knowledge of local nuances to thrive in a micro-level market.

Case Study

Case Study

Diagnostics expertise and knowledge of Eastern culture

Our client: Produces laboratory equipment for diagnostics and automated machinery, based in Switzerland and Zürich.

The client sought to hire a:

  • Junior Sales Manager for Distributors (permanent basis)  

The client's hiring challenges

Demand: Product demand had grown exponentially - clients from multiple countries were dramatically increasing their orders.

Language: The need to capitalise on the Russian speaking and Eastern European market.

Marketing: Lack-lustre response to their online advertising and poor candidates submitted from other agencies.

Our candidates are driven to build brands, market share, and to positively impact patients
  • A specialist discipline-specific recruiter launched an extensive head-hunting exercise
  • We leveraged in-depth candidate profiling to ensure soft skills and technical skills match
  • Constructive Consultancy: a prospective candidate was found incredibly quickly; the candidate’s high appeal to the client meant that they were unwilling search for further applicants, however the candidate was counter-offered by their existing employer. We helped the client to learn from this process and advised what a more efficient recruitment process should look like, encouraging them to interview multiple candidates at the first stage.

The Results of our Recruitment Support

Speedy Hiring

Fast hiring

We were able to secure a perfect candidate fit within just 2 months of taking ownership of the interview process.

Global presence


The success of our support has led to conversations regarding our eligibility to join the client’s Swiss PSL, with the view to widening the arrangement across the whole of Europe.

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