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Our vast expertise and extensive network within the battery and energy storage recruitment space allow us to power global businesses within the industry. 

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We will connect you to a broad range of battery and energy storage jobs with some of the world’s leading organisations within the battery storage and technology space.

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Battery and energy storage recruitment powering your brand. As specialists in energy storage recruitment, we recognise that the need for more battery storage to store excess energy and more efficient battery technologies is only going in one direction - up.

With net zero mandates from countries in all corners of the globe, combined with the rise of electric vehicle use and mainstream adoption, this industry is unequivocally in demand. In turn, talent and career opportunities are plentiful, and we know exactly how to source them.

We understand that battery technologies and energy storage are the backbones of the advancing renewable energy sector. Renewable energy will never reach its full potential without adequate battery storage and technology, and your business is critical in closing this knowledge and skills gap. This sector plays into all aspects of the energy industry, making it a highly competitive field where you can’t afford to take risks with your hiring plans.

World-leaders in Energy Storage Staffing

At NES Fircroft, our energy storage recruitment experts help pair people and companies aiming to find a way to harness excess energy and significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Time is of the essence to ensure we improve storage and avoid wastage; we’re here to play our part and implement recruitment strategies that power your brand. 

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Our expertise in battery and energy storage recruitment

At NES Fircroft, our international talent pool embodies specialist personnel who are experts in the chemical makeup and electrode compositions of batteries, including those with substantial experience in generating models to create significantly more energy output. 

We help businesses boost their energy storage efforts, saving them money as they’ll no longer lose any “excess” energy that gets produced. Additionally, we’ll help your technologies to become more efficient, making them more appealing to your supply chain as they become a crucial part of the alternative and renewable energy solution. 

Explore some of the main areas of battery storage and technology and the energy jobs we recruit for.

We recognise that one of the problems many renewable energy sources face is the need for more ability to store excess energy produced. This is a prevalent issue in methods which are weather dependent and therefore not necessarily in a consistent environment, such as wind turbines and solar panels. 

There is also a global shortage of lithium, the primary ingredient for many batteries. Lithium cannot be mined fast enough to meet the global demand, and with initiatives such as electric vehicles gaining pace, this only exacerbates the problem.

Our main areas of focus in battery technology recruitment include the following:

●    Electric Vehicles (EVs)
●    Lithium-ion
●    Lithium-sulphur
●    Sand
●    Zinc-manganese oxide

We also lend our recruitment expertise to battery storage methods, including:

●    Electrochemical processes
●    BESS processes

We will source the people to support you throughout the critical phases of development and help get your project kick-started. We source people for the following:

●    Construction and Development
●    Debt Financing
●    Project Execution
●    Project Financing
●    Operations and Maintenance

The additional talent we’ve placed into battery projects includes:

C# Suite mandates: 
-    Chief Investment Officers
-    Managing Directors
-    Operational Partners

Director-level hires: 
-    Asset Management Directors
-    Engineering Directors
-    Investment Directors

Commercial and Sales: 
-    Business Development Directors and Managers

Project Management: 
-    Development Managers
-    Programme Managers
-    Project Managers

R&D and Development: 
-    Development Engineers

If you want to be part of the solution now, whether you’re an innovative multinational or start-up seeking bright minds, or a passionate individual looking for the best battery storage jobs, NES Fircroft will help you. We’ll find the best professionals to ramp up your operations and secure the top energy jobs to power your career.


EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings, recently scored NES Fircroft with a platinum rating for our environmental efforts. 

Scoring 78 out of a possible 100, this places NES Fircroft in the top 1% of their verified businesses. 

The accreditation is testament to the impact of our corporate sustainability efforts and demonstrates NES Fircroft’s continued commitment to Environmental improvements.

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