Case Study - Downstream

Supporting With In-Country Visa Sponsorship

Our client entered the Saudi Arabian market for the first time by winning an EPC contract in Jazan

The area of Jazan is located within the South West of SA, close to the border of Yemen, an area experiencing civil unrest and military conflict.

Our client sought to establish a new business in-Kingdom to complete the Jazan EPC scope of work, and look at a long term operational and maintenance strategy within Jazan Refinery, with the prospect of expanding into similar EPC contractor opportunities.

However, the forming of a new business with visa capabilities within Saudi Arabia can take up to 24 months, therefore to execute their contract, our client engaged the services and experience of NES to provide assistance in building the cost model for qualified personnel to support the project.

Our Solution

An NES employee was based at the project site in Jazan to oversee the delivery of the contract. This included acting as a point of contact for all of our client’s site-based stakeholders, as well as for all NES contractors.

  • The dedicated Account Manager was supported by a wider account management team – incorporating recruitment consultants assisting with the project's recruitment needs; local assignment support personnel assisting with the contractors’ practical needs; and the Operations Manager of NES’s Saudi Arabian entity.
  • We orchestrated the in-country requiements for:
    Visa sponsorships, payroll funding, payment in/out of the country, safety and security assistance, and medical and workers compensation, for pre-identified AP personnel during the project and new hires. 
  • After a period of 6 months of consistent, value adding advice
    and sharing best practice, NES was awarded an ongoing contract to
    supply personnel to our client on the project.


The results of our support

Our client estimates a saving of $188,000 per month,
($2.25 million per year) from using NES’s services on the
ground, rather than making their own in-country investment.

Within the first 12 months from the mobilisation of NES’s first contractor to Jazan, NES had onboarded 70 contractors. The contractors were a mixture of personnel identified by the client, and personnel recruited by NES against our client's project-specific recruitment needs.

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