What’s Going On In The World Of Life Science Recruitment? - European Sector Overview

By Gareth Rose

The Life Science sector encompasses many different disciplines, from Medical Devices to Pharmaceuticals, with each one making fundamental contributions to society. From the invention of the humble sticking plaster to life-saving antibiotics, Life Sciences make life better for billions of people across the globe daily. 

But in such a fast-paced sector, what are the key trends that clients and candidates should be aware of?

In this very first Life Science episode of NES Chat, we’re joined by NES Global Talent’s Director of Life Sciences for Europe, Gareth Rose, to provide you with an insight into the Life Science sector in Europe. 

We talked about:

  • ‘Hot jobs’ – what job roles are popular right now in the world of Life Science recruitment?
  • What skill sets are most in demand and where are the skills gaps?
  • What can companies do to address these skills gaps?
  • How can candidates start their careers in Life Science?
  • Is it possible to move into the Life Sciences sector from a different discipline?
  • How valuable are sector-specific networks and how can candidates build up contacts?
  • And more! 

Listen to this episode of NES Chat

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