Terminology Series   I

Working in any sector comes with a host of new jargon and the Oil and Gas industry is no different. To communicate effectively with your colleagues, you’ll need to learn and understand some new terminology.

This week, we’re focusing on the letter "I", and a handful of keywords associated with wells and new

IMMH stands for ‘Industry Mutual Hold Harmless’ which is an indemnity scheme run by LOGIC in the UK. The scheme was set up with the primary objective of addressing the contractual gap which traditionally exists between contractors and sub-contractors. The IMMH is designed to sit as a background agreement where there has been no direct contract between contractors.

Improved oil recovery (IOR) is a term used when describing processes that improve the flow of hydrocarbons from a reservoir to the wellbore. It sometimes refers to the recovery of more oil or natural gas than expected. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is an example of IOR.

Infill wells are wells drilled into an existing reservoir between wells that are already producing oil/natural gas so the product does not have to travel as far through the formation. The increase in the number of wells per unit area improves recovery efficiency.  

Injection well is a well in which water or gases are injected into the reservoir. Typically this is done to maintain reservoir pressure.

In-situ recovery refers to techniques used to extract hydrocarbons from beneath the surface without removing the soil and other materials.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new keyword for the industry. It refers to a system of interrelated physical devices, appliances, machines and more that enable connectivity and shared data without human interaction. Like many other industries, the Oil and Gas sector is increasingly adopting the Internet of Things to improve their data.  

Integrated company is a term used to indicate that a firm operates in both the upstream and downstream sectors.

Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) is an Oil and Gas trade organisation established in 1999. The purpose
of the ITF is to support the development of new technologies and innovation within the sector. It’s internationally recognised and has many of the world’s largest Oil and Gas companies as members.

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