Case Study - Employer of Record

EOR Services for Data Centres In Spain

Our client is one of the biggest data centre developers in the market. They primarily focus on finding suitable land / property for their next project development, engaging external contractors and employing their own staff as needed. Off the back of our existing Middle East relationship, we were introduced to the European branch.

The Challenge

The client wanted to build a new facility in Spain but did not have an entity in-country. They needed multiple senior hires to complete the scope and the hiring need was becoming increasingly urgent – it would take 6-8 months to set up their own entity which was time they did not have. They were facing putting huge negative financial impacts on their end clients by delaying the project start date. 

They needed the support of a recruitment partner who was already geared to place talent into the country compliantly.

The Solution

We appointed a dedicated recruitment specialist from our London office. Our specialist has a wealth of expertise in the global data centre market and has supplied talent for a broad array of construction personnel.

Their market expertise, coupled with our company infrastructure meant we could support the scope with pace.

  • Our established methodology delivered efficiency and compliance. 
  • It was important to the client to engage local talent, so we focused the search to Madrid and its suburbs.
  • We were able to engage contractors through our local in-country payroll partner.
  • Our assignment support teams offered a high degree of practical support to personnel, taking away logistical administration burdens from the client.

The Results

Thanks to our market expertise and in-country capacity it took us just 6 weeks to source, mobilise and place the talent onto the project site. 

We initially engaged and payrolled 2 Spanish Construction / Site Managers, and as the project developed the client stated they needed more technical support which the local market did not offer, so our team sourced an overseas Senior Project Manager from the UK. 

The client now has an entity established but has kept our sourced talent on board. Our relationship has since grown to cover several more Spanish opportunities.

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