Case Study - Data Centre

Urgent Mobilisations

Our client is a US-based engineering service provider with a global footprint in the construction and infrastructure sector. They are experienced in design and construction and have been selected to support the design development of the Port of NEOM, which is based in Tabuk, Saudi Arabi.

The Challenge

Our client needed urgent support to fill director-level roles on the NEOM project. The timeframe to identify and hire personnel was very limited. Our client didn’t have the recruitment and mobilisation resources to fill the roles. Without external support, our client would incur costly delays. It was crucial to the progress of the project and the company’s reputation that they filled the roles and continued production as quickly as possible. 

Our client contacted NES just before the Christmas break and explained that they needed to fill several high-level roles urgently; the personnel hired would be expected on the project just three weeks later. Thanks to our market reach and local experience, our client was confident that the NES team could orchestrate a comprehensive recruitment campaign to attract skilled candidates.

The Solution

Our experienced local Saudi Arabian team immediately jumped on the assignment; initially, they conducted calls with our client to define the required roles and skillsets in detail, which included:

  • Engineers 
  • Quality Control 
  • HSE

Once our teams had defined the scope, it became apparent that we would need to expand the search to other regions to source the talent required. We widened our search to the APAC region and used a trusted local partner to engage personnel in the Philippines.

  • The team then fast-tracked and coordinated a recruitment campaign to source and mobilise talent from Manila and the wider Philippines, holding an in-person recruitment fair to interview prospective candidates. 
  • NES teams supported personnel in all steps of the mobilisation process and made sure that that they had all relevant information to help them mobilise as quickly and compliantly as possible. 
  • Our SMEs also ensured that all project information was being communicated to personnel so the teams could be sure that this would not be a factor that held up any project progress for our client. 
  • NES teams took care of all mobilisation requirements so that our client did not have to, and they could continue to concentrate on the project.

The Results

Across the 4 days, 118 candidates were submitted, and out of those that were submitted, 77 of the candidates were approved for initial interviews. As the interview process became more rigorous, highly skilled candidates were whittled down to 10 in just 3 weeks. 

The client verbally expressed their gratitude on several occasions, and our support has strengthened our relationship with our client. We continue to grow from strength to strength and are a trusted partner on future projects that they have in the pipeline.

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