Case Study - Mining

Hiring A Global Head Of Exploration

The Challenge

The client’s existing Global Head of Exploration had given notice on the position, leaving them with just three months to find a suitable candidate for the business critical role. The new candidate would need a wide range of mining industry experience and knowledge to continue to push the company forward. They also needed to be in position by the time the existing Head had left, to minimise delays or disruption to ongoing projects.

The Solution

The client selected to work with us exclusively based on our experience providing exceptional CVs for previous roles, our ability to source the best C-level talent, and our closely established relationship with their HR and procurement team.

Our team in Oman turned to our existing global candidate network and orchestrated a comprehensive search for specialists within the passive market. Within ten days of engagement, NES Fircroft contacted ten potential candidates to explain the role and the benefits of working with our client in Oman. Most of the candidates had no previous experience with the country, however our experienced team used their proficient local knowledge to demonstrate the unique opportunity and fantastic quality of life that the job offered. 

Our team supported all aspects of the candidate’s relocation practicalities - from supplying guidance on the country’s visa and work permit process, to supporting with organising accommodation.

The Results

With NES Fircroft’s support, the right candidate was sourced and selected within just four weeks. The candidate was in the country and ready to take over the position before the existing Global Head of Exploration’s leaving date, which gave the client some training and preparation overlap. The client was delighted with the speed and accuracy in finding the right person to take over the role and has invited NES Fircroft to join their recruitment Preferred Suppliers List. We look forward to collaborating with this client in the future. 

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