Case Study - Solar

Sourcing Professionals for the Battery Storage Market

Our client is the development and EPC business for a large alternative energy business with multiple projects situated across the globe.

The Challenge

The client is head-quartered in Greece which means that their market rates are typically not as high as elsewhere in the world, posing a barrier to candidate attraction across their numerous globally-based project sites.

  • The client does not have an internal talent acquisition team and are new to the battery storage space; they were struggling to find qualified professionals for their projects in such a skills short market.
  • They face a significant hurdle in accessing eligible candidates due to their language barrier; the client needs team members to be able to speak Greek which significantly limits the already small candidate pool.

Our Recruitment Solution

NES Fircroft has a large office network across Europe and through 50 years’ of operation we have built an exceptionally broad talent pool that embodies all aspects of the Energy market. Our talent pool has adapted to the evolving energy industry which means we are not only able to offer professionals with Battery Storage expertise, but that we are also able to deliver experienced professionals with transferable skillsets.

Our support encompasses:

Candidate Search

Niche Market Access

We leverage our extensive networks; through our database and ongoing candidate relationships we are able to source Greek expatriates. The referrals we have received in this respect are testament to our high levels of candidate care and retention.

Contractor Management

Varied Recruitment

To enable flexibility on our client’s projects we support them with both permanent hires and contingency contract staffing needs. For contractors, we orchestrate all payroll activity, removing this administrational burden for the client.

Quality Hiring


We have demonstrated the need to tailor their salary and compensation packages to local market expectations in order to capture the topmost technical professionals.

Battery Recruitment

To date we have placed 20 permanent hires and 5 contractors across our client’s global operations, including:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Senior Construction Managers
  • Country Managers / Directors
  • Technical / Civil / Electrical Engineers
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Health and Safety Managers

The Outcome

Our relationship started in the UK, where we placed the client’s entire team. Following our success we were introduced to the Greek HR team whereby our scope was expanded to Europe, and following further success we then began to recruit on a global basis working closely with the client’s Procurement team.

We now work with the client across Europe (Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland) and have also supported scopes in Latin America (Chile) and Asia (South Korea) to help with their solar PV and battery storage lines.

The client’s confidence in our capacity to deliver each scope means we are granted exclusivity for the first few weeks on every hire, and despite the challenges to candidate sourcing we have an almost 100% success rate in maintaining this exclusivity.

Staffing expertise for a brighter tomorrow

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