NES Fircroft has dedicated compliance and risk personnel based in 6 locations: UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, and Norway, our geographical spread ensures we fully understand the intricacies of regional legislation and can support our clients and contractors to ensure compliance and minimise risk wherever their project may be.

Compliance at NES Fircroft


NES Fircroft carries out monthly contractual compliance auditing and reporting, which means we can confidently claim to be contractually compliant in the month that the contractor is placed and using this approach we have maintained a staggering rate of over 99% compliance, month on month since 2015, which we believe is unsurpassed in the industry.

Compliance in Recruitment


We use ISO9001 as the mechanism to assess the effectiveness of our systems and practices, and to verify that our compliance provisions have been met, continue to be achieved and are subject to review and improvement.

All aspects of business operations are audited for compliance with this standard and the requirements of the standard are transposed to our policy and operational practices. We originally achieved certification in 1994 and in 2018 we successfully achieved transition to the new ISO9001:2015 version. Our quality system serves to communicate expectations, establish controls and foster a culture of excellence. The certification covers the provision of staffing solutions to industry and professions.

Quality Service

Continual Improvement

Our strategy continues to act as a reference point for NES Fircroft governance, compliance and improvement controls linked to our data processing and data protection practices.

​We acknowledge the trust placed in us by applicants when sharing their personal data and we will never take that for granted, but instead strive to ensure we utilise it in an exemplary manner to secure positive outcomes for our candidates.

Our approach to Data security encompasses:

  • Knowledge building on data requirements and expectations;
  • Establishing a compliance checklist based on the Information Commissioners Office guidelines;
  • Appointing focus groups specific to data protection; comprising of a Data Protection Advisory team, Legal Counsel, a GDPR Implementation team and globally appointed Data Protection Champions;
  • Conducting a multi-functional data audit to establish the type of personal data held by NES Fircroft, processing activities linked to this data and the associated legitimacies of processing;
  • Conducting gap analysis audits across NES Fircroft operations and systems;
  • Conducting data protection impacts assessments relating to both internal and external parties;
  • Raising awareness through training and clear communication;
  • Enhancing our Privacy Notice to define commitment to and use of data protection;
  • Employing strict data management practices including system structures, access controls, storage locations and operating protocol to ensure data is processed securely and protected at all times; and
  • Establishing a data strategy based on: Awareness; Data Gathering & Controls; Information Governance; Individual’s Rights Under GDPR; Implementing Change; and Performance & Evaluation.

NES Fircroft operates a cloud-based Learning Management System to offer staff continual opportunities to learn new skills and refresh their knowledge on our data and compliance policies.

  • ​Anti-Bribery & Corruption
  • ​Business Ethics
  • ​Cyber Security
  • ​Data Protection - Are we getting too complacent with personal data?
  • ​Controls and security measures in line with GDPR.
  • ​Health and Safety
  • ​Quality Assurance

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Our NES Fircroft integrity lines are available to report alleged breaches of legal or regulatory obligations, financial fraud including accounting internal controls and auditing, or any other alleged contravention of NES Fircroft's Code and company policies.

Issues and concerns can be reported using our web form, and may be reported anonymously where permissible by local laws and regulations.

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