Case Study - Chemicals

CAPEX Expansion Project in China

A chemical manufacturing company was experiencing rapid growth on an international scale and required a customised solution to provide personnel across Petrochemicals, Agri-Nutrients and Specialties & Metals

The client needed:

  • Environment Health, Safety & Security Engineers
  • Engineering & Project Management
  • Facility Specialists
  • Project Control Engineers / Project Assistants

The company required access to candidates for permanent roles in China and wanted the hires to seamlessly blend into their company culture, share their core values and support their corporate vision.

However, partnering with multiple manpower agencies who focused on filling the role itself, rather than discovering candidates who resonated with the company had created a retention issue for their staff. In addition to this, the client’s prolonged interview and selection process was driving prospective candidates to competitor companies.

Our Solution

Leveraging our existing successful partnership we gained a comprehensive understanding of the business’ goals to localise our approach in China.

We appointed two technical recruiters in the chemical industry to the account. Our team visited the client’s office to immerse themselves in the client’s environment and successfully capture their brand.

From this we created a customised candidate screening process for the client which included:

  • CV Screening: To highlight candidates with the experience our client desired
  • Phone Interviews: To assess communication skills and technical knowledge
  • Face to Face Interviews: To screen their cultural fit and interpersonal skills preferred by the client
  • Providing Knowledge: Of the business, future opportunities for growth, advantages and disadvantages
  • Aligning Expectations: Of client and candidate motivation
The results of our support

Within two weeks we successfully interviewed 35 candidates, presented a shortlist of 21 to the client, of which 6 local candidates were placed.

Our approach ensured that we became an advocate for our client’s business and success, benefitting both our client and the candidates.

Client benefits: We secured local candidates with technical skills whilst ensuring a cultural fit. Through providing quality candidates in the first instance we significantly shortened the hiring lead time and improved retention rates.

Candidate benefits: We matched candidates with a company that aligns with their professional goals and offered an opportunity for growth, securing long-term employment within a business which has been listed as one of the ‘Top Employers in Asia Pacific’ for the eighth consecutive year.

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