Case Study - Geothermal

Staffing a Geothermal Project in Indonesia

Our client needed support recruiting commissioning and finance expatriate workers to support the Karaha geothermal project in Indonesia.

Our client is a world-leader in power generation and water technologies for utilities, independent power producers and industrial applications. NES Fircroft was awarded a Master Services Agreement in 2009, and since then has supported the client on various projects across the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.

The Client's Hiring Challenge

Our client was in urgent need of 5 commissioning and finance expatriate workers in Karaha, Tasikmalaya, to support the commissioning of the Karaha geothermal project in Indonesia. They had previously experienced compliance issues with other agencies, who did not have the right legal framework to employ expatriates in these locations.

Our Recruitment Solution

NES has a 100% locally owned entity in Indonesia staffed with both expatriates and locals; being locally owned not only gives us advantages in terms of licenses and projects that we can pursue, but also enables us to acquire visas at a rapid pace, at all times complying with local regulations. Our local staff in particular deliver a wealth of cultural expertise to further enhance client operations within the region.

  • Our local entity is fully compliant with licensing and local laws
  • NESF has approved an RPTKA workforce plan, which allows us to directly employ a large number of expatriates in almost any part of the country. Through this plan we were able to obtain specific Tasikmalaya work permits in compliance with local regulations.
  • Our comprehensive international infrastructure and internal processes enabled the client to access a global talent pool of qualified personnel and a fast turnaround service for all required roles.
  • Our experienced teams provided a flexible end-to-end solution for our client, including management of the recruitment process, payroll, tax compliance, mobilisations, visas and immigration services.
Geothermal Recruitment

Our vast regional and industry experience combined with our local setup allowed for an immediate solution to our client’s challenges; through ensuring that the correct legal framework was in place we were able to deliver both peace of mind and seamless workforce integration for the client.

The Outcome

Our competitive solution led to additional expatriate contractors from competing agencies transferring across to NESF management to access the benefits of our service.

  • Compliance across all aspects of the scope.
  • Timely resolution for a complicated assignment.
  • Flexibility and time savings: through an efficient,central management of core elements includingvisa applications, the immigration process, taxation requirements, contributions, mobilisation services and payroll orchestration, we were able to overcome the client’s logistical hurdles and facilitate rapid onboarding.
  • Significant cost savings: our legal knowledge and in-country presence allowed us to minimise our client’s taxes / contributions and mobilisation costs.
  • Contract negotiation: our discipline specific recruitment team and legal experts restructured many expatriate contracts from daily to hourly in order to generate utmost contractor satisfaction, in turn leading to increased levels of retention.

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