Case Study - Mining

Indonesia - Staffing a Remote Mining Site

The client’s 2020 discovery of on-site copper and gold led to a large increase in demand for technical personnel amidst the COVID19 pandemic.

With strict visa and work permit limitations enforced by the government, the client did not have the local resources to compliantly onboard, mobilise and maintain contractors throughout the duration of their assignment. The client was also struggling to arrange domestic travel across Indonesia’s remote locations for candidates attending medical examinations.

Our Solution

We allocated a global team to ensure all elements of the onboarding and mobilisation process
were effectively executed.

We applied for Indonesian specific work permits and Izin Tinggal Terbatas (ITAS) to provide contractors with the ability to temporarily reside and work in Indonesia.

Additional support included:

  • Legal personnel to ensure compliance
  • Visa / work permit experts to manage applications, COVID19 restrictions and compliance
  • Two candidate engagement coordinators to arrange medical check ups, accommodation, travel, family medical insurance, COVID19 testing and quarantine - including for people living in remote areas
  • Four payroll and finance personnel capable of operating across several jurisdictions / taxation departments; we created an additional payroll cycle for the client
  • Three consultants to source additional technical experts, and an account manager to ensure our client’s needs were met.
The results of our support

We successfully sourced and mobilised 25 contractors within just 4-6 weeks.

  • We created a compliant solution, managing the work permits and visas to ensure expatriate and local contractors arrived on time to the site.
  • We onboarded 70 contractors, and three permanent personnel within the required timeframe.
  • We managed all contractor logistics, including medical check ups and travel for candidates from remote locations such as Mataram, Sorowako and Ketapang.

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