Case Study - Indonesia Midstream

Indonesia - Work Permit Compliance

Our client was undertaking an expansion project at a terminal located in Cilegon, Indonesia, and had several major compliance challenges.

A complaint had been made to the local Immigration office regarding the fact that many on site personnel did not have the correct work permits. As a result of the non-compliance, the client’s relationship with the local population was becoming increasingly strained and beginning to affect the harmony of their workforce, some of which were local Indonesian nationals. 

Their operation was in a remote and turbulent location, which created difficulties when sourcing qualified talent for specialist roles; the local population did not have the required skillsets meaning that expatriate workers needed to be employed.

NES Fircroft’s vast experience and established reputation in the local Indonesia Oil & Gas market led the client to approach us for the provision of compliant visa and immigration solutions for expatriate personnel, with the additional aspiration of generating a better reputation within the immediate marketplace.

Our Solution

Compliance is of paramount concern to our operations; we hold all the necessary business and recruitment licenses required to support international companies in the Oil & Gas market.

Our local offices in Jakarta and Batam support many Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas projects across Indonesia and have placed a wealth of local and expatriate contractors in-country.

Our dedicated assignment support team have decades of experience in managing the visa and work permit processing for global companies across multiple locations, and co-ordinate all aspects of the application to ensure a compliant service throughout our contractors’ tenure in Indonesia. Our full scope of support services includes:

  • Compliant visa solutions
  • Travel logistics for mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Transportation services
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Payroll services and Taxation solutions
  • Contractor care programme

Through our methodology we ensured that all non-compliant work permits and expatriate documentation was corrected to the appropriate documentation, and that all expatriate personnel had significant support to live comfortably at the project site for the duration of their assignment.

The results of our support
  • No more project delays or disruption on site from unhappy staff members.
    Our team’s support and dedication to resolving all compliance issues restored a harmonious working environment through regaining the trust of the local Government and community in turn restoring a healthy brand perception of the client. 
  • Contractor satisfaction. The expatriate contractors engaged by NESF benefitted from our clear contracts, accurate and on-time payroll, and extensive contractor care programme which helped them to mitigate the previously unsettled working environment.
  • We became a preferred supplier for their operations. Our superior service led to increasing our scope to cover hiring needs in HSE, construction and commissioning roles

We continue to mediate the communications between the client and the relevant local communities to ensure positive engagement, and ultimately stakeholder satisfaction.

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