Case Study - Malaysia Upstream

Malaysia - Volume Recruitment for Offshore Oil & Gas

Our client is a fully integrated oil and gas multinational company ranked amongst the world’s largest corporations on Fortune Global 500®.

Our client was in the midst of several large Upstream projects across Malaysia and required 100+ expatriates to undertake roles across Drilling, Subsurface, Engineering and Construction to maintain rapid project progression.

Due to the competitive market combined with a restricted available talent pool, the client was experiencing severe logistical and resource challenges; their capacity to locate appropriate talent and the fact that the mobilisation process was taking a long time, causing major project delays.

To avoid further project disruption, the client needed to work with an experienced solutions provider who could offer the global infrastructure required to find and mobilise a high volume of skilled personnel in a short timeframe.

Our Solution

We supplied a dedicated team of consultants spanning our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Miri, Dubai and Jakarta, each of whom could offer vast experience of staffing Upstream projects for Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Our specialists used their local knowledge, established talent networks and market experience to provide comprehensive recruitment services including in-depth market mapping and candidate screening.

Our teams in Dubai and Jakarta hosted assessment centres to interview the large number of candidates face-to-face and quickly progressed to establishing shortlists to present to the client, which included:

  • A technical evaluation (to test competency and skillset)
  • HR evaluation (to assess psychometric behaviours and cultural team fit)
  • A language test (to assess the ease at which they could communicate with the wider team)

The roles were also advertised on local job boards. To further leverage candidate attraction we held training exercises which helped our client to increase their employer branding awareness whilst representing themselves as a desirable employer in the market.

Our consultants worked closely with our assignment support teams to conduct meet and greets at the local airport, and also to assist with the contractors’ accommodation search.

The results of our support

Through coherently managing the workforce logistics between our consultants and regional assignment support teams, we were able to provide peace of mind to our client who could then concentrate on the job at hand, whilst attracting candidates who could refrain from worrying about the practicalities of their assignment.

Our competent infrastructure and holistic technique meant that in the space of just 3 weeks we were able to conduct 280 interviews, from which we shortlisted 150 candidates across 3 recruitment campaigns.

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