Case Study - Candidate Mobilisation

Multi-national Mobilisation Support - EOR Services

Our client is one of the world’s largest innovators in the production of onshore wind, providing clean energy to power local communities across the world.

Tasked with producing major wind projects across Asia, including Vietnam’s 650MW wind
project and the Philippines’ 160MW onshore wind projects, the client required local production facilities to complete the scope.

The client needed to mobilise contractors across several countries in Asia, but had limited knowledge of local regulations and how to screen providers to ensure they were capable of providing a compliant solution.

Initially, the client selected an agency who did not have a local entity or in-country office and therefore required a third party to complete all visa / work permit, payroll and taxation services – removing themselves entirely from the process. This fragmented solution meant the clients was faced with reputational damage with local key stakeholders, and accumulated costs from lost time due tocontractors not being mobilised to site on time.

Contractors were becoming disgruntled with miscalculations in personal income tax and complications arising from non-compliance with visa / work permits due to the poor service provided by the agencies.

Our Solution

We gave the client access to our local experts across the contractors’ destinations – Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

We streamlined the solution across our office network to manage and mobilise contractors across projects that were being conducted simultaneously.

We provided a compliant and timely mobilisation solution for contractors from Thailand, Australia, UK, Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Philippines, Spain and South Africa which included:

  • Payroll for multiple currencies, including detailed reports and comprehensive information on processes that can be used to offset against tax returns, due to dual tax agreements
  • Compliance with local labour laws including the MOLISA (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) in Vietnam, and the different departments to enter or leave the Philippines such as Department of Labour and Employment, and the Philippines’ Overseas Employment Administration
  • Comprehensive practical support for expatriate and local contractors throughout the duration of their assignment, including management of their accommodation and travel needs.
The results of our support

Within just 2 weeks we delivered:

  • 20+ contractors in Vietnam
  • 10+ contractors in the Philippines

We successfully provided our client with complete mobilisation process visibility and improved their local compliance for their contracted workforce.

We provided:

  • Site Managers / Admin
  • Technical Field Advisors
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Technical Advisors
  • HSE Advisors
  • Quality Inspectors

With our support, each contractor had the ability to travel across Asia compliantly. 

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