Case Study - Rig Fabrication

Singapore - Volume Offshore Drilling Crew

Our client is an Oil & Gas contractor that operates a fleet of over 60 offshore drilling rigs across the globe.

Once awarded a contract for a tender rig to drill in a remote part of Indonesia, our client needed to source experienced Indonesian crews at short notice to join the rig in the Singapore shipyard, prepare it for mobilisation and then take it into operation in Indonesia.

Our Solution

The task was trifold; we needed to seek personnel with a good command of English, personnel who could mobilise immediately and only those who had previous experience working on a tender drilling rig.

Onboarding Indonesian specialists would be key to the success of the project.

  • Working closely with the client's HR management team, NESF were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the skills and training required for a successful project.
  • We used our local network in Indonesia combined with our wider international presence and experienced assignment support teams in order to locate and on-board the required staff to meet the tight timeframe - this included both Indonesian and expatriate workers.
The results of our support

NESF provided a compliant solution across all involved regions during the project life cycle which was a complete success. 

  • Our dedicated recruitment methods and local presence enabled us to source over 25 members of the senior crew and office based support team.
  • Our teams in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia worked together coherently to provide a seamless process throughout the recruitment and initial manning-up stages of the project through to all ongoing logistics.
  • Our local networks allowed our client to make huge savings in reducing mobilisation expenditure.

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