Case Study - CRISP Refinery

Singapore - Staffing the CRISP Project

We are just one of four accredited agencies who partner with our client in Singapore.

This is a competitive environment and we must ensure our services to both the client and contractors are industry-leading and superior to that of our competitors.

Our client has certain vacancies for which only pre-selected candidates may apply.

These candidates are given the list of four agencies to consider, and must choose one to represent their employment on our client’s projects. The client also has positions for which they do not have pre-selected candidates. For these positions, the client may engage any of their agency partners to help them source suitable candidates.

Our Solution for Contractors

Contractors can focus on their job knowing that we take care of everything else. NESF provides a range of benefits and incentives to ensure that we are nominated to represent and retain the high quality candidates that are pre-selected by the client including:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Workmen compensation
  • Personal accident coverage (KAIC)

Our assignment support teams take care of every logistical hurdle and provide complete compliance throughout the onboarding and mobilisation process including arranging medicals, meet and greets, visas and work permits and accommodation for expatriates.

We build long-term professional relationships:

  • Frequent contractor management and check in calls
  • Annual pay reviews
  • Conducting regular contractor-facing NPS© satisfaction surveys
  • Promoting wellness activities (e.g. sports, bowling)
  • Frequent site visits to answer questions in real time
Our Solution for the Client

Roles supplied included:

  • Construction Coordinators
  • Safety Personnel
  • Logistics Personnel
  • Lifting Staff
  • QA/QC Specialists
  • In such a fast-paced project environment our team ensures constant communication with the client to understand the ever-changing requirements in real time.
  • Our advanced technology and systems allow us to keep all relevant information and data up to date and readily available.
  • Our team’s frequent site visits also allow us to meet the Site and Hiring Managers in person, facilitating key opportunities to develop relationships and to identify any concerns or further ways that we can offer support.
  • The Singapore Government encourages companies to hire local candidates, so the majority of our client’s requirements are for local candidates. If there are no local candidates available for certain roles, our global infrastructure enables us to quickly and compliantly source overseas workers and manage the entire Employment Pass process directly with the candidate to remove any immigration stress for the client.
The results of our support
  • NESF supports approximately 90% of the contractors on the project including both expatriate and local workers.
  • We have been nominated to represent a volume number of contractors on this project due to the benefits offered, our contractor care programme and the services delivered by our dedicated assignment support team.
  • Our comprehensive onboarding capability supported expatriate contractors from multiple different countries and regions and included all necessary visa and work permit support.
  • We provide all personal protective equipment (PPE) to the CRISP fabrication team for both contractors and staff.

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