Case Study - Thailand Downstream

Thailand - Volume Visa & Work Permit Provision

Our client won a project to be the main EPC on a downstream facility in Thailand worth USD$4 billion. Whilst they had a business set-up in Thailand, they had no experience of applying for visas and work permits and needed to ramp-up their headcount by bringing a large number of expatriates into the country. There were additional challenges brought by COVID-19.

Our Solution

We dedicated a team of local experts in Thailand to provide full immigration support to the client by applying for visas and work permits for their employees, under our own business entity.

Our support included:

  • applying for pre-approval of work permits
  • preparing all documents, including the invitation letter for non-B visas
  • providing advice for visa applications at the home country embassy
  • meeting expatriates to take them for their medical, and when applying for and collecting their work permit
  • applying for annual extensions
  • a range of other compliance services such as 90-day reporting, obtaining visas for spouses, and more
The results of our support

Of the 200+ expatriate visa applications submitted for our client, zero were rejected. We ensured that each of our client’s expatriate staff were mobilised on time for the initial project kick-off.

With the prospect of further in-country growth on additional projects our client established their own in-country business license. However, the high quality of our support means that the client still enlists our visa & work permit services for their employees on secondment and will continue to do so throughout the 4-year duration of the project.

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