Case Study

Staffing the Liza Project - Guyana

The complex project requires a large volume of talent which the local population alone cannot sustain.

Our client provides the oil field services for the exploration and development activities of the Liza project in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. They required in excess of 20 contractors at competitive rates, within a tight timeframe.

The Oil and Gas industry in Guyana is less than 10 years old. Guyana’s huge expanse spans over 250,000km2 with a sparse population of just circa 800,000 people; it was clear that qualified local talent who met the assignment’s technical requirements were few and far between.

The multiple locations posed complications in adhering to local labour laws, local content laws, immigration and tax requirements. The challenging geographies and small available talent pool meant that the client needed a staffing partner with industry-specific knowledge and regional operational knowledge to ensure that the project timelines remained on track and that operations remained compliant.

NES Fircroft has had an office in Trinidad & Tobago since 2011, and an office in Guyana since 2013. We were the first global recruitment agency to set up fully operational offices in both countries.

Our Solution

Our decade-long experience in the region has enabled us to build extensive knowledge of local labour, legislation, taxation, payroll and immigration laws, enabling us to mitigate the complex legislative landscape with ease.

  • Utilising this knowledge and through leveraging our local talent networks, we recruited a team of 30 contractors with the broad range of skills and qualifications needed to perform the roles.
  • 95% of the candidates were sourced locally to comply with local labor laws. We also supplied more experienced expatriates with working histories garnered from the Oil & Gas sector to provide knowledge, training and mentoring to the local teams to expand their skillsets.
  • Our Assignment Support teams took care of all the necessary logistics concerning mobilization, visas, work permits, flights, accommodation, and also ensured a compliant payroll process.

The Results

The client was delighted with our ability to compliantly supply a skilled team to work in multiple locations, at very short notice. Our relationship continues throughout the project’s duration.

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